Karl Marx’s birthday raises Obamaphobia to a new level

Today is the 194th anniversary of the birth of communist philosopher Karl Marx.

Today also brings the official kickoff of President Obama’s re-election campaign.

Mere coincidence? The crazies on America’s far political right think not, as we see HERE and HERE.

This nuttiness about Marx’s birthday dovetails perfectly with the wingnut theory that Obama’s campaign slogan reveals a commie bent (see HERE).

(Never mind that MUCH THE SAME SLOGAN was used by a Republican president for his inauguration 43 years ago.)

A few unsettling questions arise from all this stuff: If the right-wing loonies are this hysterical in the first week of May, how much worse will they get by November? And what will they do if it becomes apparent even to them that Obama will win re-election?



  1. These morons would complain if Obama’s compaign kicked off on the birthday of Groucho Marx.

  2. Steverino: Groucho’s birthday is on Oct. 2. I’m sure there have been some major political campaign events on that date over the years. And I’m sure the wingnuts could theorize that it was more than mere coincidence.

    I’ve always wondered why they’ve never made anything of the fact that the number of letters in Ronald Wilson Reagan are 666 — the sign of the devil.

  3. Marty

    I supposed they all are just a coincidence…just like it’s a coincidence that his mentor was a member of the Communist Party; and that his parents both had Marxist tendencies, and that while in college he sought out the Marxist professors; and that he joined a church led by a minister who preached the values of liberation theology; and that he started his political career in the home of a couple that advocated the collapse of the capitalist system and once said they want to build re-education camps to get people to think like them; and that he appointed an admitted communist to be his green jobs czar; and that he once openly supported a congressman who recently was given an award by a wing of the Communist Party; and how he now openly pushes a class-warfare argument similar to that pushed by Karl Marx. I’m sure it’s all just one big crazy coincidence.

  4. So, Marty, I guess you figure that it’s no coincidence that Comrade Obama is launching his re-election campaign on Marx’s birthday, right?

    And I guess you also think his campaign slogan is some kind of Marxist thing, right?

    And you probably also think Obama is part of the vast conspiracy to sap truly patriotic Americans like yourself of their precious bodily fluids, right?

  5. Larry

    It is definitely no coincidence that Obama does anything that doesn’t smack of socialism. You’d have to be deaf, dumb and blind (a veritable pinball wizard) to not see his hidden worship of Marxism. And yes, Nixon openly admitted he had become a “Keynesian” in economics on the nightly news one evening. As in Harold Marnes Keynes a noted English professor of socialist economics.. None so blind as those who WILL NOT SEE!

  6. kirby

    Same as my response on the move on chart:
    People on the left try so hard to misdirect the truth. The truth is not in obamaphobia or conspiracies, regardless of all the strange things about him, which are plenty. The truth is that he is not a good leader and not a good president no matter how smart or charming he is. He is a smug academic type who has led a more charmed life than 90% of the people I know. He is so out of touch with reality, just like all extreme right or left people. Clinton and Reagan regardless of policies were 10 times the president and leader than Obama. Obama is a string of broken promises to the left and the right, too many to list. I do not know who would be a good president in this climate, but I do know that turnover is good and Obama is NOT the answer for 4 more years. Time for someone else to get a chance. If you are as smart as you appear and have no agenda you would be angry with him for lies and judge his performance fairly instead of blindly following and making excuses about Bush, lies of past presidents etc etc bla bla blah. A small efficient government is the best way to move forward period. Too much waste and red tape otherwise. Remember smaller and more efficient would reduce the number of right wing people in power positions too…let the people be heard and matter…big government RULES!….small government serves. But you people seem too love sick like in an abusive relationship…enjoy more lies if he is re-elected and rationalize it away blame the right the middle blame everyone except the person in charge….in other words do the opposite of what you did when bush was in the white office….

  7. I love Larry’s logic. He says you would have to be “blind” to not see Obama’s “hidden worship of Marxism.”

    You have to be blind to not see what’s hidden?

    That’s funny.

  8. robert

    This person who calls himself the president is on a campaign to turn the USA into a socialist/muslim state. He is not the leader but a mouth piece for people like George S0ros, a Jew who laughed when the NAZI’s took his fellow Jews to be killed. He is a mean spirited hateful old man who has too much money. Why don’t you re-distribute you wealth George? I say may God have mercy on your evilness and take pity on your stupidity. BHO’s father was a Marxist and BHO wants to follow in his daddies foot steps, idiot. Go back to Kenya and take your worthless leech of an Aunt with you.

  9. Rober Jones

    BHO is a Marxist/Muslim. He is a mouth piece and puppet for an old hateful and ignorant man, George Soros.

  10. Rober Jones

    BHO is a puppet and mouth piece for a evil spirited billionaire, George Soros. George should distribute his wealth to the leeches who love him and his puppet.

  11. Tim May: Arguing with you is pointless. It’s like trying to deal with a petulant 10-year-old.

    So blather on to your heart’s delight. I shant bother to respond unless you get too far out of line.

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