Republican Obamaphobia explained in a chart

This chart comes from MoveOn.org, a patriotic outfit if there ever was one.

If you disagree with the chart, you’re welcome to explain your reasons in the comments thread. But please try to be specific instead of resorting to mindless wingnut sloganeering.



  1. kirby

    I’ll respond. You could plug in the name George Bush on that chart when he was in office. No matter what he did the left went crazy with hatred towards him. Move on is hardly objective. People on the left try so hard to misdirect the truth. The truth is not in obamaphobia or conspiracies, regardless of all the strange things about him, which are plenty. The truth is that he is not a good leader and not a good president no matter how smart or charming he is. He is a smug academic type who has led a more charmed life than 90% of the people I know. He is so out of touch with reality, just like all extreme right or left people. Clinton and Reagan regardless of policies were 10 times the president and leader than Obama. Obama is a string of broken promises to the left and the right, too many to list. I do not know who would be a good president in this climate, but I do know that turnover is good and Obama is NOT the answer for 4 more years. Time for someone else to get a chance. If you are as smart as you appear and have no agenda you would be angry with him for lies and judge his performance fairly instead of blindly following and making excuses about Bush, lies of past presidents etc etc bla bla blah. A small efficient government is the best way to move forward period. Too much waste and red tape otherwise. Remember smaller and more efficient would reduce the number of right wing people in power positions too…let the people be heard and matter…big government RULES!….small government serves. But you people seem too love sick like in an abusive relationship…enjoy more lies if he is re-elected and rationalize it away blame the right the middle blame everyone except the person in charge….in other words do the opposite of what you did when bush was in the white office….

  2. expdoc

    I particularly like how Pat admonishes respondents to avoid “mindless wingnut sloganeering” on a post that is a link from MoveOn.org !


    As far as a response, I believe Kirby pretty much covered it.

  3. doc: You don’t get it, do you?

    Sloganeering by wingnuts is mindless by definition.

    To your credit, you often rise above such nonsense, despite your embrace of wrong-headed conservative philosophies.

    Guys like Tim May? Well, what can I say? He’s like a parody of the typical Limbaugh dittohead. My admonition against mindless sloganeering was aimed specifically at people like him.

  4. One other thing, doc: While I disgree with much of what kirby said in his comment — he ignores, for example, the extent to which congressional Democrats worked with George W. Bush on certain issues, including No Child Left Behind — I have to acknowledge that his rhetoric is a big cut above the ludicrous crapola we get here from most of our resident Obamaphobes.

    If only kirby could recognize that Republican obstructionism under Obama far exceeds anything the Democrats did under Bush.

  5. Tim May said: Thank God, where would we be without them. Just another Greece or France I suppose.

    Do you mean the same France that booted out the austerity candidate (Romney type) in favor of the candidate who will stimulate the economy by increased government spending?

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