Four reasons why the Obama campaign is confident about beating Romney in November

Mark Halperin of Time magazine offers a good ANALYSIS of why there’s a positive attitude among members of President Obama’s  re-election campaign staff.

Halperin cites four reasons for the optimism:

First, in the view of the Obamans, Romney is still a weak candidate.  His stump skills continue to be uneven at best, with speeches plagued by awkward jargon and passionless rhetoric.   They believe his tenure as head of Bain Capital and his term as governor of Massachusetts conceal vulnerabilities yet to be unveiled…

Second, they maintain, their research suggests Romney has exactly one rhetorical path to victory, as a can-do businessman able to fix what’s broken. Chicago intends to focus as much of its formidable firepower as necessary to dismantle Romney on that front, and prevent the election from becoming a referendum on the President’s economic tenure…

Third, the Obama team argues, Romney has taken many positions to the right of public opinion.  The President’s team plans to throw two years’ worth of provocative statements in Romney’s face, using sophisticated micro targeting to impacted demographics…

Fourth and finally, presidential politics, in the end, is all about the Electoral College. The Obama campaign’s analysis, matching recent media number crunching, indicates Romney has a paper-thin margin of error to get to the magical 270.  The map is littered with states the Republicans must take from the 2008 Democratic column in order to win, and in many of them, such as Ohio and Virginia, they are currently behind.


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