Have I mentioned my Pulitzer nomination? Or was it a Nobel?

The thing about these prizes — the Pulitzer, the Nobel and the rest of them — is that when you regularly get nominated for awards like that, you tend not to pay them much mind after a while.

I mean, is a Pulitzer or a Nobel going to make me a better person? I doubt it.

In fact, I’m so tired of these potential plaudits that I totally sympathize with the situation currently faced by right-wing pundit and author Jonah Goldberg (above). The poor guy seems to have lost track of exactly how many times he’s been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. He used to claim that he’s been nominated twice, but it turns out that the actual number is zero.

But, hey! What’s the big deal? Two is pretty close to zero. The only number between them is 1.

I suppose I should feel a sense of schadenfreude over the embarrassment a wingnut like Goldberg feels in light of stories like THIS. But I’m not like that. No, sir!

And truth be known, I’m bringing this matter to your attention only with the greatest of reluctance. Let’s just say I see it as a cautionary tale.


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