Video shows Scott Walker telling Beloit billionaire of plan to curb bargaining rights of public workers

HERE‘s the back-story on the brief video clip below:

A newly released video in Wisconsin could potentially have profound effects on the state’s recall election: Republican Gov. Scott Walker shown telling a wealthy supporter in January 2011 — before he introduced his legislation to roll back collective bargaining for public employees — that it was part of a “divide and conquer” strategy to take down organized labor, and potentially turn Wisconsin into a right-to-work state.

The video, posted Thursday night by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, was shot on January 18, 2011, by documentary filmmaker Brad Lichtenstein, as part of a documentary project “As Goes Janesville,” about that industrial city’s efforts to recover from the loss of their old General Motors Plant. The Journal Sentinel notes that Lichtenstein has donated $100 to Walker’s Democratic opponent in the recall, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

The video clip shows Walker meeting with Beloit billionaire Diane Hendricks, who has since donated $510,000 to Walker’s campaign.



UPDATE: There’s more on this matter HERE.



  1. Truth About Energy

    If it weren’t for Mr. and Mrs. Ken Hendricks, an Auburn High School dropout/victim, by the way, Beloit would be a different town. Before Mr. and Mrs. Hendricks, I didn’t see public employees chipping in to restore abandoned buildings.

    What would the public employees have done? In Illinois, taxes were raised, double. Yet, the state closed almost a dozen facilities, slashed budgets for local school districts, and proposed pension reforms that far outreach what Walker did in Wisconsin. What would the public employees have done?

  2. What a waste of money Diane.

  3. Truth About Energy: You say that Ken Hendricks was “an Auburn High School dropout”?

    Wrong. Hendricks grew up in Janesville and never attended Auburn High School.

  4. Truth About Energy

    I was wrong. Mr. Hendricks was a victim of collective bargaining in Wisconsin. You should watch Waiting for Superman.

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