Veteran Republican pollster warns his party that its homophobia invites political disaster


Republican pollster Jan van Lohuizen (above) issued a memorandum yesterday noting that public support for gay marriage is quickly accelerating and won’t likely slow down anytime soon.

The story is HERE.

And HERE‘s Andrew Sullivan’s take on the memo:

The last paragraph is, to my mind, the most remarkable. It’s advising Republican candidates to emphasize the conservative nature of gay marriage, to say how it encourages personal responsibility, commitment, stability and family values. It uses Dick Cheney’s formula (which was for a couple of years, the motto of this blog) that “freedom means freedom for everyone.” And it uses David Cameron’s argument that you can be for gay marriage because you are a conservative.

And the walls came tumbling down.



  1. Truth About Energy

    Actually, public “support” has decelerated. Also, in the polling booth “support” decelerates further. Gallup has it at 50%-48%, but that figure would likely flip if registered voters were polled and would probably widen if likely voters were separated.

    Andrew Sullivan is anticatholic, for the record.

  2. Truth About Energy: Andrew Sullivan IS a Catholic, for the record. And who the hell are you to say he’s “anticatholic”?

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