Public acceptance of gays is the new normal

The increase in public acceptance of gay relations over the past 35 years, as measured by Gallup polls, has been nothing less than dramatic.

In Ronald Reagan’s second term as president, as many as 57 percent of Americans said same-sex relations between consenting adults should not be legal. Today, 63 percent say such relations should be legal.

And, as Gallup REPORTED this morning, most Americans have no moral objection to homosexual relations:

The slight majority of American adults, 54%, consider gay or lesbian relations morally acceptable. Public acceptance of gay/lesbian relations as morally acceptable grew slowly but steadily from 38% in 2002 to 56% in 2011 and is now holding at the majority level.

This Gallup trend mirrors the growth in public support for legalizing gay marriage, which has risen from 42% support in 2004 to 50% or greater support in the last two years. Americans’ support for gay rights on both questions leveled off in this year’s Values and Beliefs poll, conducted May 3-6.



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  1. Justin Johnson

    Where the problems I have found in Oklahoma are that people are recruiting others to see sexuality among gays as immoral. People with power over others and most are older men. Manipulating other males to believe that we all have animal instincts and gays choose to act on them. I couldn’t believe what this guy was telling me and I was trying to ignore him although I felt threatened when they man acted as if just because he was older than me he had the right to force me to listen to him and accept his way of thinking. I am 34 and He was in his almost 60. Further in my studies a younger male age 32 told me during a discussion on the topic that he used to see gays the same as anyone else the way his parents raised him till he learned different from his peers. Who obviously manipulated him. That is the main attitude here in Oklahoma. I am Gay and have to pretend to be straight in order to succeed here by force.

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