Profound grasp of the obvious: Ron Paul says he can’t win the Republican nomination

As recently as the other day,  this blog was receiving comments from Ron Paul supporters to the effect that their hero still had a chance of capturing the Republican presidential nomination.

I  can only wonder what those die-hards think of THIS:

Ron Paul hinted at it Monday, but today the Texas congressman confirmed something the campaign has never explicitly said before: He cannot win the GOP presidential nomination.

But in a convention strategy memo that followed up on his statement Monday about his campaign plans, Paul clarified the mission and shed more light than ever before on his intentions and expectations for the Republican National Convention.




  1. Richad Wicks

    And of course, we don’t see the memo.

    I’m not saying this article isn’t true, I’m just saying I no longer trust a media that helped lie us into a war into Iraq, then ran cover afterward so nobody would be held accountable for the “mistaken” information.

    Call me paranoid or crazy, but I just don’t seem to be able to trust anything when I cannot actually look up the source of information that they cite, but conveniently leave absent from the article. I suppose there just wasn’t enough space to put up a link…

  2. 27Reasons

    “Ron Paul says he can’t win the Republican nomination.” This is a third source misquote to the match. You’re pushing straight propaganda with a headline like this my friend. Ron Paul is still campaigning in states that are holding conventions, where winning delegates is what matters. He’s still raising money and still building support. A vote for Romney is a lock for Obama. Ron Paul or bust in 2012!

  3. Although Gandalf has called for civility in Tampa sparks will fly among his followers. Should be quite entertaining.

  4. Steverino said: Although Gandalf has called for civility in Tampa sparks will fly among his followers. Should be quite entertaining.

    Especially since the Republican governor overuled the Democrat mayor of Tampa and stated the city must allow concealed carry, within the control zone of the RNC.

  5. I recieved an email from Jesse Benton of the Paul Campaign where he used Romneys incorrect AP Delegate numbers and said Romney was only 200 delegates away from the nomination and that Ron Paul could not win. It is a shame that someone from the Ron Paul campaign wrote such rubbish as if they are quitting and trying to let his supporters down easy by saying by switching their agenda away from winning and over to “making an impact within the gop. What a sham, after all our grass roots efforts to support Ron and his campaing, the first ones to give up are the very people in charge of the campaign!

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