Evil forces are trying to silence this intrepid blog!

The sophisticated digital machinery here at Applesauce World Headquarters has been plagued of late by all kinds of problems — viruses and various inexplicable thingies that make it increasingly difficult to honor our solemn pledge to bring political truth to a troubled nation.

There can be no doubt that this plague is the work of a sinister neo-fascist conspiracy. But it won’t succeed — not in the long run, anyway. Trustworthy techies have been recruited to remedy the situation, and their work likely will be completed within the next five days or so.

In the meantime, posting here will be more intermittent. The output will slow to perhaps three or four pieces per day rather than the usual seven or eight. But rest assured: We will not be silenced!




  1. wilson

    I bet it is Governor Walker because he is afraid your blog will adversely affect his recall.

  2. wilson: Don’t think I’ve ruled out that possibility. I wouldn’t put anything past Walker and his kind.

  3. wilson

    Like winning in June?

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