Fox News Poll: More voters prefer Obama to Romney on Supreme Court appointments


The great thing about something like THIS is that conservatives can’t easily argue that the poll is a product of the so-called liberal media.

By the way, speaking of Fox and polls, I see HERE that some folks at Fox don’t like it when the company’s own poll produces unwelcome results.



  1. False Flag

    REALLY? Hmm? Because the FOX News Poll they showed LIVE on Friday said they preferred Romney over Obama. Yet YOUR article shows just the opposite.

  2. False Flag: I don’t know what you mean about “the FOX News Poll they showed LIVE on Friday.” If the poll was “live,” it also was unscientific and therefore worthless.

    Here’s what Fox itself says about the scientific poll it commissioned:


  3. Neftali

    This issue could potentially be very huge. Its all but guaranteed Ginsburg will step down in the next 4 years. The thought of a re-elected Obama somehow replacing Scalia with a liberal Justice scares the bejeezus out of me.

    The tide of swing court decisions for the next 10 years could easily depend on this falls’ election.

    Antonin Scalia – 76 (77 on March 11)
    Anthony M. Kennedy – 76 (77 on July 23rd)
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg – 79 and in declining health (80 on march 15th)

  4. Citizens United is what’s scary. Scalia who is above reading briefs and Thomas with his vow of silence both need to go.

  5. False Flag

    @Pat Cunningham; You’re right it is and was a unscientific and worthless poll. The Bret link you provided is not the one I was referring. The media changes it’s story every 30 seconds. One minutes it’s this, the next, it’s that.

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