How to talk to a climate ostrich

It’s been a while since we’ve visited with the incomparable Peter Sinclair.

This video should whet your whistle.



ADDENDUM: There are links to more Peter Sinclair videos HERE.

 UPDATE: Speaking of global warming, you’ll find some fun stuff on that subject HERE.



  1. During the mid to late 60’s, I was on the Air Force crew, that flew the scientists, at the base mentioned in the video. The Air Force provides, flies, and maintains the aircraft. Most of the scientists were civilians from M.I.T. and Air Force Cambridge Reasearch Labs. My aircraft was a four engine jet and had $38 million worth of electronics installed to do atmospheric research.

    We had an aircrew of four and there were usually 20 scientists on board. Our job was to fly them anywhere to do their studies. We covered most everywhere between the Middle East to the South Pacific, and North to South Poles. We chased sun eclipses, nuclear blasts, Aurora Borealis, and missile launches testing the effects on the atmosphere at 40,000 feet. Most of those missions were 10 to 12 hour flights, and every day of the week.

    Testing of the atmosphere is nothing new. We were doing it 50 years ago with very sophisticated equipment.

  2. Thought it was Global Warming. Oh, that’s right. The esteemed east Anglia womanizing grant whores, I mean scientists started dropping like flies once their gig was up. The gig being that through their own admission, they had falsified data to perpetuate their gravy train. Not that there might be some valuable insight, but when the whole scam is predicated on the subject matter expertise of those fools it’s kinda hard to keep feeding at the trough of misinformation. Where’s Al in all of this..what no more money coming up with phony data and making phony movies. Again, more scamming than truth. What will you call it next year?? And in case you didn’t notice, climate change has been going on for….say a few million years.

  3. bill: All your right-wing blather notwithstanding, the fact remains that the overwhelming majority of the world’s climate scientists subscribe to mainstream scientific theory on anthropogenic global warming.

    And as your allusions to the so-called Climategate scandal, that stuff has been debunked every way from Sunday:


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