On health care, Romney goes retro

There’s a lot of useful information in THIS PIECE by Jonathan Cohn, and here’s the upshot of it all:

Those are a lot of policy details, I know. But here’s a (relatively) simple way to think about it. Since modern health insurance first came to the United States in the 1930s, coverage has expanded, albeit fitfully, through a combination of private and public sector efforts. These efforts culminated in the Affordable Care Act, which, whatever it flaws, put in place a system that could eventually make affordable, decent coverage available to all Americans. Romney would run this process in reverse.

He and his supporters call that progress. Would you?



  1. Excellent graphic. It says it all.

  2. Seriously what does Willard care about the vast majority of Americans. He’s had everything one can wish for and just wants to top it off with a picture of himself in the White House while providing more wealth for Wall Street and the fossil fuel industry. Care and compassion is not accepted among his country club profiteers and polluters just what’s in it for me.

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