Gallup: Support for Obama greatest among largest categories of American workers

Make what you will of the chart above.

The story is HERE.



  1. Neftali

    That’s a peculiar way of dividing up the working class. In particular the “professional worker category” which is twice is large as the next largest, “Service Worker.” You would think the Gallup people would break the professional worker into smaller classifications. For example, “doctors and nurses” would make a logical category, as would “scientists and engineers.”

    But as for the poll itself, the most telling statistic is from the “business owner” group. This is a group that tends to be non-partisan, and they just want their business to grow. Their clear support for Romney speaks volumes that Obama’s economic policies have failed.

  2. Truth About Energy

    And the worst among the groups that built this country and are the closest to reality. I am comfortable with the workers who support the Republican party.

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