Patriarch of family that owns the Chicago Cubs is still bent on smearing Obama

Remember that big fuss of a few weeks ago when REPORTS EMERGED that the billionaire whose family owns the Chicago Cubs was planning on spending a fortune on ads falsely disparaging President Obama?

Well, it seems that the crazy coot hasn’t entirely given up on such notions. As we see HERE, Joe Ricketts (above) is now helping to bankroll a movie based on a book by Dinesh D’Souza which asserts that Obama is carrying out the “anticolonial” agenda of his Kenyan father:

[T]he fact that Ricketts would be involved in such a project at all is not only startling, it’s a reminder that Mitt Romney and Romney’s supporters have very different ideas about what the 2012 election should be about.

The Republican candidate wants to focus on the economy, which polls show is the nation’s top issue, and the argument that Obama hasn’t cleaned up the economic mess he inherited quickly enough.

The Republican candidate’s allies want to focus on red-meat attacks that target the Republican id. It’s likely why Ricketts was drawn to the original Jeremiah Wright plan in the first place, and why he and some like-minded benefactors are willing to pony up for a film version of  D’Souza’s anti-Obama screed.


The bizarre screed, which insists the president has the mindset of an African “Luo tribesman,” was even dismissed by the right — George Will urged Republicans to “recoil” from the thesis and The Weekly Standard criticized it for “misstatements of fact, leaps in logic, and pointlessly elaborate argumentation.”

When D’Souza’s thesis first appeared as a piece in Forbes, one of the magazine’s own columnists blasted D’Souza’s “intellectual goofiness,” “factual problems,” and “unsubstantiated ideological accusations.”

But thanks in part to Joe Ricketts’ checkbook, this garbage will be a “documentary” to be released in advance of the election.




  1. Sharon Kay Oliver

    I do not think this man is a coot. I think he wonders, as I do, how a document so “precious” as Obama’s birth certificate escapes forensics scrutiny to which all “great document (please note the pun) are subjected. Obama’s birth certificate is more guarded than the Declaration of Independence. Every great docucment should be tested for authenticity. If this birth certificate is to be proved, no microfilm or certified copy will do. The original must be produced and subjected to scrutiny. He is actually thumbing his nose at all of us as if to say, “Ha, I am above the law.” Is this birth certificate more valuable than the Delcaration of Independence? Or, maybe we should listen to this Cubs owner. After all, baseball is more American than the President. Does anyone else cease to be amazed at this? Instead of singing “Hail to the Chief,” I would rather sing, “Take me out to the ballgame.” At least, it would be American.

    I want you to know my name. It is Sharon Kay Oliver. Oh, yes, I was born in Illinois as well as my ancestors. As a matter of fact, we came to this land in the 1600’s. How is that for American.

  2. sharon

    This man has a point!

  3. What’s really strange is that there were two newspapers in Hawaii the Honolulu Advertiser and the Star Bulletin that recorded Obama’s birth. They knew that this Kenyan born child would some day be the first black president so they fixed it in 1961 to appear that he was a natural born baby.

    As for old Joe the nose he’ll have to fund his own stadium because Illinois ain’t going to give this racist a dime.

  4. Sharon Kay Oliver

    To Steverino, I know that, in my home town in Illinois, I would see birth announcements all of the time. They would be put there by grandparents. The Honolulu Advertiser’s birth announcement shows Mr. and Mrs. Barak H. Obama at 6035 or 6085 Kalameanaole Highway. That is it. Now, who lived there? It could have been that the parents wanted to ensure that the child had an American citizenship. I am sure they did not think about him being president. This is a weblink that describes this relationship. http://www.americanthinker.com/2011/11/the_case_against_barack_obama_sr.html
    I just do not see why he is not forthcoming when questions arise. I hope he is natural-born. It would make the American people feel better to know they have not been duped by this man. It is just fishy to me, when a person dances around issues as much as he does. It lets me know he is not qualified to be president just because he is not open and forthcoming with answers. I still remember the comment picked up, inadvertently, by the reporter’s microphone when he was talking to the Russian president. “I can’t do anything now. I have to get elected.” I pray to God that he does not. If he does, he will find that there are people in this country who do not take kindly to usurpers to power. I just wonder how he escapes the minimum scrutiny to which every John Doe on the street is subjected. There is something really fishy about this man. That is all I have to say. Something smells. You see, I do not care what he says. I would tell him to his face, except I cannot be around liars. They make me so angry that I want to spit. He should avoid me. If I were the Cubs owner, I would not worry. I am sure that there are enough people concerned about this man that he will stay in business.

  5. Just what do you want Sharon? His official sealed stamped birth certificate was viewed by factcheck.org to World Net Daily and verified. What do you consider sufficient evidence? In what form? Viewed by whom? WH Press Secretary Pat Carney said it best that the conservative BS comes from “sloth and laziness”. Keep praying and don’t be so gullible to these insane distractions which are counterproductive to good governance.

  6. monkey

    Ahhh, Sharon Kay Oliver: you and the right-wing nutjobs are why your party is in such disarray. You have no interest in verifying if President Obama was born in the US. A video timeline of every day of the President’s life could surface and you would think it’s a forgery. No matter how many times non-partisan sources have verified the documentation in Hawaii (and there have been several), that will not be good enough for you. As long as the nutjobs continue this ridiculous quest, the better the chance that the President will be re-elected. Please, though, keep it up. We supporters of the President love the sideshow.

  7. Sharon Kay Oliver

    Dear Mr. Monkey, You are just like Obama. You are not open and forthcoming. Who is Monkey anways. Obama has had so many names that I do not think we really know who he is. Just be reasonable about this and think. You do have a brain, don’t you. In the beginning, when this question began to arise about this birth certificate, I would have told the State of Hawaii to bring out the original for examination. That is what I would have done, but I am open and forthcoming, because I do not hide behind monikers like monkey. I want peopel to know who I am and I would be happy to produce my birth certificate in Illinois. If the Governor or the Secretary of State told me that I could not have it, I would say, “Listen, Bub, it is my birth certificate; produce it.” I would have the Supreme Court order it be produced. But, then again, I am honest, open and forthcoming.By the way, is there a birth certificate with the name of Monkey on it. Sharon Kay Oliver is the name on my birth certificate in Hamilton County, Illinois. Mr. Monkey, go back to the jungle with your buddy, Obama.

    Sharon Kay Oliver

  8. Sharon Kay Oliver

    Dear Steverino:

    Even the eyes can be deceived. Talk to any art museum curator. He can tell you that there are excellent forgeries capable of fooling the best expert in art. Only careful examination and forensics would ever prove this to be an authentic document. Sir, you do nto know me and you never will. There are things I cannot tell you what I know. I just know that I am not convinced. If this had been produced in the beginning, this would have died much more quickly. Grow up and wise up. As my mother would tell you, “I am not Eve in the Garden of Eden to be beguiled and deceived by the serpent Obama.

    Sharon Kay Oliver

  9. Ok Sharon let me guess. Did you grow up near Roswell?

  10. Sharon Kay Oliver

    Dear Steverino,
    Actually, I did live in Roswell, New Mexico for four months. I became an annual member of the UFO museum there. I try to keep an open mind about things. I prayed to God before I went. I prayed, “Lord, if I am supposed to see UFO’s or aliens, then let me see them; if I am not, then do not let me see them.” I did no see them. That only tells me two things: (1) Ther are none; or (2) God knew I could not bear the experience. You see, I am always open. Actually, it all boils down to honesty. The Bible says, “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” Purity is honesty. I can say that I have seen. I tell the truth when a lie would be better. The truth always sets me free, though.

  11. monkey

    Wow. Someone needs to keep Sharon away from a computer. Or caffeine. Or maybe both. Take a breath, lady.

  12. Sharon Kay Oliver

    Mr. Monkey, I never rest. I never let my guard down. I am always on alert. It was the way my Daddy raised me. He went days without sleep. His army discharge papers are on file at Hamilton County, Illinois, too. He was a member of the ill-fated Welborn task force the night the highest ranking officer in the army was killed. He taught me to take no guff from anyone and that i ncludes you, buddy. So go swing from a tree and eat a banana. That is what monkeys are supposed to do. Or else come out and fight like a man.

  13. monkey

    Did your dad go to school barefoot and walk uphill both ways in waist-deep snow?

    Speaking of going without sleep, Chuck Norris doesn’t sleep either. He waits.

    Maybe you’re Chuck Norris. . . Or maybe your dad was.

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