Surprise! Most Catholic institutions are NOT suing over ObamaCare contraception rule!

Anyone who thinks American Catholics and their institutions are united in opposition to the ObamaCare rule regarding contraception has got another think coming.

Lisa Miller EXPLAINS:

Last week, in an orchestrated political maneuver, 43 Catholic entities — including the Archdiocese of Washington — filed a dozen lawsuits against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,  saying that any mandate requiring religious organizations to provide contraceptive coverage to employees was a violation of religious liberty.

So, even though 82 percent of American Catholics believe that birth control is morally acceptable, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who is president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, called the lawsuits “a compelling display of the unity of the church in defense of religious liberty.” (The USCCB is not a party to the suits.)

A much larger group of more moderate bishops has stayed mostly silent, fearful that to take a stand against the brethren would be to lay bare intramural fissures…

The lawsuits are, in fact, very far from a “compelling display of unity.” There are 194 dioceses in the country; only about a dozen joined the suits. There are more than 200 Catholic colleges and universities in the United States, and only a handful joined the suits. Notably missing from this so-called display of unity are the dioceses of Chicago and Los Angeles, both of which have prominent leadership and robust, vibrant Catholic communities. Also missing from the list of plaintiffs are some of the country’s most prominent Catholic educational institutions, notably Boston College and Georgetown University.



  1. wilson

    What lawsuit? This is the first I heard of a lawsuit.

  2. Cardinal Dolan and his minions should concern themselves with more important matters of the church like the Vatican’s butlergate.

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