Web site targets minor celebrity Jenny McCarthy for falsely linking autism to vaccines

Jenny McCarthy (biography HERE), who first gained fame by posing nude in Playboy magazine, has become almost as well known for claiming that childhood vaccines can cause autism as for any of her “talents” as a performer.

And now McCarthy is the object of infamy and contempt on THIS WEB SITE:

In June 2007, Jenny McCarthy began promoting anti-vaccination rhetoric. Because of her celebrity status she has appeared on several television shows and has published multiple books advising parents not to vaccinate their children. This has led to an increase in the number of vaccine preventable illnesses as well as an increase in the number of vaccine preventable deaths.

Jenny McCarthy has a body count attached to her name. This website will publish the total number of vaccine preventable illnesses and vaccine preventable deaths that have happened in the United States since June 2007 when she began publicly speaking out against vaccines.

Is Jenny McCarthy directly responsible for every vaccine preventable illness and every vaccine preventable death listed here? No. However, as the unofficial spokesperson for the United States anti-vaccination movement she may be indirectly responsible for at least some of these illnesses and deaths and even one vaccine preventable illness or vaccine preventable death is too many.




  1. dogrescuer

    Leave it to those who have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about to crusade the loudest. I hardly think Jenny is the very best source of medical knowledge!

  2. Shame on NBC and VH1 for enabling her behavior.

  3. autism mom

    Wow, have any of you read her book? Do you know how many tens of thousands of Moms have written, attended her conference or book signings? Autism Moms are pretty busy but we are so grateful Jenny has the courage to stand up for our children. It is the same story for all of her supporters. We took a healthy child to the pediatrician and many vaccines later -(5-7) in 1 visit- our babies developed high fevers for days, vomited, had seizures…a number of variations of horrible stories. We are not looking for someone to blame. We are pro vaccine. We all were having our kids vaccinated on schedule! We had no idea these terrible side effects were even possible.

    All babies are not the same, we all do not have the same medical predispostions. We all do not have the same immune systems. Vaccines only need to be spread out in a sane way. My son’s life has been basically destroyed. This is not the pay we should be paying in order to be safe from disease.
    38 vaccines/ viruses given are given to toddlers until 2. Too much, too soon.

  4. monkey

    Autism mom: seriously? You’re gonna hitch your wagon to Jenny McCarthy, who’s basically famous for hosting an MTV game show and getting naked for Playboy? She’s caused major issues for public health with her ridiculous crusade against vaccines. If Jenny McCarthy and “tens of thousands of moms” told you the world was flat, would you believe that too? Probably not, as science has proven otherwise.

    While I sympathize with your kids’ issues, you don’t have any scientific proof that they were caused by vaccines, do you? Quite frankly, the human body is a wacky thing and we don’t know what causes many conditions. That’s why we have scientists and physicians who research that and do it for us. Saying you read it on the “Net doesn’t make it so.

    The vaccine/autism link has been refuted by reputable scientists and researchers and the main study that did claim a link was exposed as a massive fraud. Further, public health officials are now seeing a “comeback” in some diseases that had essentially gone away because nutty parents are not getting their kids vaccinated. I hope that being a worshipper in the Church of Jenny works out for you, but I doubt it will.

  5. ScienceMom

    This website is so irresponsible for not pointing out that the the “death count” website is currently being sued for libel. The vaccine preventable deaths are simply numbers pulled from the CDC. It is unknown if those people were unvaccinated or had other conditions. To attribute these deaths to JM is insanity, horrifying and certainly worthy of litigation.

  6. expdoc

    ” To attribute these deaths to JM is insanity, horrifying and certainly worthy of litigation.”

    Sounds just like trying to assert a cause and effect between vaccines and autism.

  7. Before claiming that her son’s autism was caused by vaccination, McCarthy wrote that he was gifted, a “crystal child”, and she an “indigo mom”.[34] Evan’s disorder began with seizures and his improvement occurred after the seizures were treated, symptoms experts have noted are more consistent with Landau–Kleffner syndrome, often misdiagnosed as autism. Source: wikipedia. If Jenny wants to condemn the site, she might remember the Internet was her source of information on her son.

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