For our Wisconsin readers

Scott Walker’s campaign to keep his job as governor of Wisconsin is outspending the opposition by a wide margin, which means that ads like this one don’t appear on TV as often as they should.

But I’m here to help fill the void.





  1. Truth About Energy

    Did you know that Mrs. Barrett actually sent emails from her Milwaukee Public School account using her Milwaukee Public School computer?


  2. Expdoc

    As I predicted, the Democrats in Wisconsin are desperate. Tom Barrett has no record, no ideas and little hope. He can’t even campaign on the reason these recalls were purportedly generated.

  3. Truth About Energy

    Mrs. Barrett was engaged in politics while “engaged in instructional learning” via her publicly funded email account using her publicly funded computer.

  4. Is Mrs. Barrett building a legal defense fund?

  5. I’m a Union member and have been for years, but I’m fully behind Gov. Walker. If he can be removed for no other reason than the Left hates his politics, than no Governor will dare try to reign in their States spending and put their financial house in order. This will be disastrous for State governments anywhere. Come on Wisconsin, turn out and vote overwhelmingly to retain Gov. Walker and then, for God’s sake, do something about that idiotic law that makes it possible to overturn the will of the voters so easily.

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