Romney’s campaign ads far more negative than Obama’s

If this chart doesn’t adequately speak for itself, the story is HERE.



  1. And False News adds the rinse to this brainwashing.

  2. wilson


    Pat, why am I surprised that you use falsehoods in your title “Romney’s campaign ads far more negative than Obama’s”

    “Perhaps now would be a good time for a quick reality check. Josh Green cited research from Kantar Media’s Campaign Media Analysis Group, which found that 63,793 presidential campaign ads have been broadcast since the start of the general election campaign on April 10”

    Nowhere do they specifically mention Romney. The April 1oth date also tells a story as that was during the primaries. There were what 7 candidates? How many ads did Obama run against those running against him in the primary?
    Did he run ads against the Texas convict? Did he run ads against John Wolfe in the Arkansas primary?.

    Pat, I guess that means you are a prevaricator.

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