Is it futile for Democrats to argue that Republicans have deliberately sabotaged the economy?

As I’ve noted here from time to time over the past several years, congressional Republicans have bent every effort to make sure that the U.S. economy doesn’t come roaring back on Barack Obama’s watch.

But pointing out that truism to the American populace is of doubtful political value, according to THIS PIECE by Greg Sargent:

[T]op Obama and Dem officials are going out into every conceivable forum and repeating the claim that Republicans are actively rooting for widespread economic misery and are doing all they can to block solutions designed to alleviate it.

I don’t really know how effective this strategy will be. Paul Krugman writes today that Obama has no choice at this point but to run with this argument as aggressively as possible. The bad jobs numbers mean Obama no longer has the option of running on claims of economic success. Better to admit that the policies he was able to get passed weren’t enough, and that we’d be doing better today if it weren’t for determined GOP obstructionism…

[E]ven if swing voters are fully convinced that the GOP is deliberately blocking Obama policies they believe would help the economy, they may not care, and may simply ask themselves why Obama isn’t getting his policies through despite the opposition.

But all this aside, let’s face it: If Dems want a national media debate over whether the GOP is deliberately sabotaging the economy or is actively rooting for economic failure, they aren’t going to get one. This is not a topic that will get sustained media attention or discussion, no matter what Dems do.

UPDATE: David Horsey offers THIS SLANT:

The open secret of the Republicans in Congress is that they are not going to lift a finger to improve the country’s economic situation as long as it might benefit President Obama. For both ideological and purely partisan reasons, Republicans have downsized or completely squashed any economic plan emanating from the White House from the day Obama took office.

Whether you think this is a good thing or a dereliction of duty, the reality is the government of the United States has been mired in a kind of political schizophrenia that has made it unable to effectively address the frightening fracture of the global economy. The president and congressional Republicans are like two stumbling characters tied together in a three-legged race unable to make any progress because they cannot agree on which direction to go.


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