What America needs right now is a good dose of Reaganism

Where’s Ronald Reagan when we really need him?

Paul Krugman SAYS Reagan-style governance would be a big help right now:

As many economists have pointed out, America is currently suffering from a classic case of debt deflation: all across the economy people are trying to pay down debt by slashing spending, but, in so doing, they are causing a depression that makes their debt problems even worse. This is exactly the situation in which government spending should temporarily rise to offset the slump in private spending and give the private sector time to repair its finances. Yet that’s not happening.

The point, then, is that we’d be in much better shape if we were following Reagan-style Keynesianism. Reagan may have preached small government, but in practice he presided over a lot of spending growth — and right now that’s exactly what America needs.




  1. Truth About Energy

    I thought that the economy was the best when Clinton was President and Republicans controlled Congress, when the era of Big Government was finally over with.

    What a fool. If that is their best argument, then run, run, run with it.

  2. Carol Foster

    We have a long way to go before we see what resembles normal again. Conservatives easily forget, the former President, had no problem in telling the Stock Market they didn’t know what they were talking about concerning the economy. And he certainly understood compromise in the Congress was needed to achieve goals.
    Today’s stalemates in the legislative branch isn’t even about real goals nor this economy. It’s all about an election that took place nearly four years ago. We look more like the politics after the Civil War, and Lincoln’s death, then a nation living in this century. And you can bet the carpetbaggers are licking their chops at the goodies they plan to acquire if Conservatives remain the non leaders of the House and they win the White House.
    This time there’s no wild west to pack-up and move to and begin again for the average American.

  3. The Republican austerity plan is not about solving the economy but an attempt to dismantle this administration. Their fear is that the jobs bill might knock off a few percentage points from the unemployment line.

  4. I would like to know what the Republican’s real agenda is. Ken Starr chased the Clintons for many years to keep Bill off balance so he couldn’t accomplish anything. For the last 3 years they have done the same to Obama.

    Are they just envious because their policies don’t work, and they don’t want the Democrats to look good? How can they possibly take this country forward, with the same failed policies they have used before? And why would they not want this country to move forward?

    Or did this start with Nixon, the grand-daddy of dirty tricks? Do they continue the tradition?

    Do they want to destroy the middle class to give it all to the rich? What will that accomplish, if there is no money to buy products. How long could the rich hold out if they don’t make money off the middle class?

    I see nothing but lies and distortions in their attempt to gain control of this country, and no new policies put forth to cure the problems we have.

    I would like to have one of these Conservatives that post here, to tell me how their policies are going to work now, when they haven’t before.

    Or else tell me what the real Conservative agenda is.

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