Watergate reporters say Nixon was even worse than we thought

One week from today is the 40th anniversary of the infamous Watergate break-in, which led to the political downfall of Richard Nixon, among others.

Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward (above), the reporters whose stellar work on the Watergate scandal secured their own place in American political history, have co-authored a NEW COLUMN on the subject in which they argue that Nixon was “far worse” than most of us remember:

At its most virulent, Watergate was a brazen and daring assault, led by Nixon himself, against the heart of American democracy: the Constitution, our system of free elections, the rule of law.

Today, much more than when we first covered this story as young Washington Post reporters, an abundant record provides unambiguous answers and evidence about Watergate and its meaning. This record has expanded continuously over the decades with the transcription of hundreds of hours of Nixon’s secret tapes, adding detail and context to the hearings in the Senate and House of Representatives; the trials and guilty pleas of some 40 Nixon aides and associates who went to jail; and the memoirs of Nixon and his deputies. Such documentation makes it possible to trace the president’s personal dominance over a massive campaign of political espionage, sabotage and other illegal activities against his real or perceived opponents.

In the course of his five-and-a-half-year presidency, beginning in 1969, Nixon launched and managed five successive and overlapping wars — against the anti-Vietnam War movement, the news media, the Democrats, the justice system and, finally, against history itself. All reflected a mind-set and a pattern of behavior that were uniquely and pervasively Nixon’s: a willingness to disregard the law for political advantage, and a quest for dirt and secrets about his opponents as an organizing principle of his presidency.


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  1. Robet Thornhill

    Yes, Nixon was much worse than we knew. But at his worst he was not as bad as the Republican Presidents we have had since. The worst of a horrible lot, of course, was George W. Bush. He himself is too ignorant and stupid to be actually evil, but the people surrounding and who actually ran the nation while he was President were completely evil. They drove us into another depression and effectively ended democracy. The rich corporate plutocracy is now in complete control. To find explanations and a picture of how they did it, read Paul Krugman and the other writers who are chronicling the whole sorry affair and watch Bill Moyers on PBS.

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