A whole bunch of charts show effects of stimulus bill

Economist Michael Norman (above) has put together a BIG BATCH OF CHARTS that measure the effects of President Obama’s stimulus bill from various perspectives.

Your job is to study these charts and use them to avoid saying anything stupid you’ve heard about the stimulus from the right-wing noise machine.



  1. expdoc

    I didn’t see the chart for how many dollars were spent to achieve the stimulus effect. I also note that you don’t GW for the stimulus that he enacted prior to leaving office.

  2. expdoc

    Whoops, that should be “give credit to GW..”

  3. wilson

    This from the same Pat that gave us this

    More often than not every chart Pat posts gets reputed.

  4. GW started two unnecessary wars on lies and credit. I guess that can be called a stimulus (for disaster).

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