Bobby Jindal, supposedly a smart guy, peddles ludicrous falsehood about Obama administration

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal allegedly is possessed of more gray matter than your typical raving wingnut.

Which is why it’s so shocking to hear Jindal spouting nonsense like this:

I suspect that many in the Obama administration really don’t believe in private enterprise. At best, they see business as something to be endured so that it can provide tax money for government programs.

Steve Benen deftly rebuts Jindal’s rhetoric HERE:

Jindal’s take isn’t just wrong; it’s willfully hysterical.

The notion that “many” in the Obama administration simply reject private enterprise at a conceptual level is the kind garbage we might expect from Michele Bachmann, Rush Limbaugh, or random right-wing bloggers.

But for grown-ups — and especially for those who present themselves as credible wonks who care about policy — this is simply inexcusable. Under Obama, corporate profits have soared; corporate taxes are low; economic growth has relied exclusively on the private sector; and the major stock-market indexes have nearly doubled since 2009.

To believe the Obama administration is made up of secret communists who only tolerate businesses to pay for government programs is to embrace a twisted fantasy land. Where is the evidence to bolster Jindal’s nonsense? Obama supports a health care package that mirrors plans from moderate Republicans and which Romney himself embraced at the state level. Obama supports a climate policy that’s similar to what McCain/Palin supported just four years ago. Obama supports Wall Street safeguards that were approved with bipartisan support. Obama has cut taxes repeatedly, and even now only seeks the same top marginal rate on the wealthy that was applied in the 1990s — when the economy soared.

Gov. Jindal, grow up. Leave the hysterical attacks to the blowhards.



  1. Diana Witt

    why is it so far fetched?? Hussien Barack obama wants nothing more than to kill the US.bring us down to poverty levels..America voted for him just to show the rest of the world that its not a prejudice country!! obama was nothing but a community leader!? what kind of leadership is that?? When they put him up agaisnt Sarah Palin,the world took notice..of course the news media made her look like she knew nothing..how then was she elected as governor of Alaska?? Its so ludicrious how he has sarah jessica parker throwing her”u can have dinner @ my house& meet the obamas”campaign out there…come on..he must not be very confident!!! That goes to show what atrue coward he really is,hiding behind hollywood to help elect him!! with charecters like lindsey lohan to support him..do u really believe that girl even cares about politics!! how transparent has he been to the american public?? its been nothing but FEAR..if u dont,then this will happen..WAKE UP people,he’s wanting to change our constitution..that is what this country was founded on,thats what makes us great is the FREEDOM we have..& its slowly being taken from us..WE CANNOT let this happen..his hope & change was ALL chicago style..all his buddies from chicago followed him right into the whitehouse…talk about the mafia!! no clue what will happen come this fall..but we should be on our knees asking Jesus Christ for guidence..HE alone IS THE SOVERIGN GOD..our true HOPE&CHANGE!

  2. Diana Witt: Your mastery of spelling, punctuation, grammar and logic is truly something to behold.

  3. Jindal wants to be Mitts main squeeze, since birds of a mormon feather generally flock together… Just not sure if his Rush Limbaugh-blame-hate-babble will win Mitts favor.

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