Still more evidence that GOP is sabotaging U.S. economy

Yesterday, I gave you THIS.

Today, I give you THIS:

Let’s be blunt. Leaders of the Republican Party- including their Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney – have moved from “rooting against” our economy to actively attempting to sabotage the economy of the United States.

They believe that their chances of defeating President Obama, taking control of the Senate, and maintaining control of the House of Representatives materially improve if the economic recovery stalls. And they aren’t just standing around hoping that a European financial collapse or higher oil prices will send the economy into a second recession – they are actively trying to make it happen.

It is astonishing, but today the surest way to make certain that a piece of legislation is deep-sixed by the Republicans in Congress is to demonstrate that it will help create jobs in the American economy.

The first concrete example involves actual concrete — the reauthorization of the Transportation Bill that provides funding for roads, bridges and mass transit projects across the country.



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  1. wilson

    So you want us to follow Europe and spend and spend?

    Also, you don’t give them credit for the bipartisan vote on President Obama’s budget which was unanimous.


    “In 2011 and 2012, the pace of spending was slowed when a new emboldened breed of Republicans took back the House promising to end the binge. The House Budget Committee, headed by Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, has identified about $150 billion of new spending Mr. Obama wanted in 2011 and 2012 that Republicans would not approve. As the chart shows, government spending as a share of GDP fell, and taxes were not raised. But to attribute this drop in government spending to the president or congressional Democrats would be dishonest.

    Slowing spending and the decision not to raise taxes may have prevented the Great Recession from becoming the next Great Depression. In 1930, the Smoot-Hawley tariff was signed into law by another weak Republican president, Herbert Hoover. Smoot-Hawley was the largest single tax increase on traded products in U.S. history. Not surprisingly, the markets collapsed.”

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