John McCain loves to cite so-called wasteful spending that’s not really wasteful at all

Have you heard the one about the government spending $650,000 for beaver management in North Carolina and Mississippi?

As Sen. John McCain laughingly puts it: “How does one manage a beaver?”

But that’s not funny. Rather, it’s stupid.

As we see HERE:

In reality, $650,000 in stimulus funds hired workers to disrupt beaver dams, which in turn prevented significant flood damage to farms, timber lands, roadways, and other infrastructure in the area. The Arizonan neglected to do his homework, and ended up blasting a worthwhile project for no reason. 



  1. Le’t see, you call John McCain stupid and then you post “stay classy, Obamaphobes”. You mean “classy” like calling others stupid?? Please post an address where we can send donations to help you buy a clue.

    Oh wait, I won’t read any more of your drivel…..my bad.

  2. Poor Scott!

    I call John McCain “stupid” for claiming that a worthwhile federal project to guard against disastrous floods is “wasteful” spending. And Scott thinks my labeling of McCain is just as bad as depicting the “Obama library” as a bullet-riddled outhouse in which graffiti make obscene references to Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi.

    Scott also promises not to read this blog in the future. In turn, I promise that we won’t be reading any more comments from Scott.

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