President Obama’s regulatory version of Dream Act puts Mitt Romney in a political bind

If you were Barack Obama’s Republican challenger, how would you respond to the president’s new policy regarding young illegal immigrants?

Before you answer that question, consider Romney’s quandary as described HERE:

The first instinct of any politician in a tight race would be to attack his opponent. But if Romney opposed Obama’s move to abandon deportation and prosecution of some young illegal immigrants he could enrage Latinos. Those voters may be the key to victory in southwestern and mountain states, and thus to overall electoral college victory in November’s election.

On the other hand, Romney could hardly embrace Obama’s new policy without cost. If did he would alienate the nativist base of the GOP already sensitive to the idea that with the nomination secure he will abandon the right and run for the center. Most of the primary season was spent assessing just how damaging a Romney candidacy would be to GOP turnout in November.



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    Left wing trash

  2. Ah! Another brilliant comment from Michael, who recently told us that “man made global warming is an exxagerated attempt to scare people.”

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