Five signs that you’re a Fast and Furious conspiracy theorist

As the comment threads here at Applesauce will attest, some of our readers are right-wing paranoiacs (like the guy in the image above).

It’s only fair, then, that we occasionally provide special services for the benefit of these troubled souls.

With that in mind, we’re happy to present HERE a handy list of things these people should believe if they’re going to subscribe to the theory that the infamous Fast and Furious program (which is now the subject of a Republican congressional investigation) was a fiendish plot by the Obama administration to take guns away from decent, law-abiding, God-fearing, patriotic Americans.

No need to thank us. We’re here to serve.



  1. Sooner or later Issa is going to have a Joe McCarthy moment and will be asked if he has no shame.

  2. Well, it may have been a conspiracy, but not anymore. Americans killed by guns that this Administration allowed to end up in the hands of Mexican drug runners is a fact! If there’s a conspiracy, it’s now being enabled by Obama. Face it Pat and you other Liberals, transparency was only supposed to sound good-like Hope and Change. He really didn’t mean it. But when it comes to actually being transparent, It’s just another failed promise from Obozo. Issa has been asking for cooperation and gee, he expected that he’d get it, since October of last year! Holder is a hapless hack and now he has top cover from Obama. You guys are soooo toast:)

  3. John Gillnitz

    A story out today in Fortune magazine debunks a lot of the wing nut lunacy over F&F. For example, the only person who let guns walk was the loser Dodson who “blew the whistle” to CBS.

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