Anti-Romney ad seeks to weaken his standing among lesser-educated white folks in certain states

The video below is the Iowa version of an Obama campaign ad currently running in three states.

The strategy is explained HERE:

From the beginning, the Obama campaign’s assault on Bain has been dismissed as unfair and ineffective. East Coast Democratic elites are unhappy with the attack on Wall Street, and D.C. pundits aren’t convinced that there’s a relationship between Romney’s time at Bain and his current economic policies. But the Obama campaign isn’t aiming for New York and D.C. This pitch is meant for voters in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and other Rust Belt states.

For Romney to win, he needs to consolidate a huge majority of the white vote. To paint Romney as an “outsourcer-in-chief” is to damage his credibility with the non-college-educated whites who will form the basis of a Romney victory in states like Ohio, Iowa, and Wisconsin. After all, these are voters whose lives have been most affected by the outsourcing pioneered by Bain-owned companies and who have been hit hardest by the relentless profit-seeking of companies like Bain. If the Obama campaign can identify Mitt Romney with outsourcing, then they can blunt his appeal with these voters and keep him from breaking the threshold for white support—around 60 percent.



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