Wingnuts go bonkers over court ruling

The best stuff in the right-wing blogosphere is found in the comment threads, as reactions to the Supreme Court decision on ObamaCare will attest.

Here are a few gleanings from my research in that regard:

–Hello fellow slaves! Anyone want to move to a free country?

–And this is how a nation dies.

–Buy a gun, proles, or pay the tax.

–The U.S. Constitution is apparently a worthless piece of paper to these assholes.


–I think we need true leaders, dissolution of the union may be the way to go.

–So ends the American experiment. We had a good run but we knew it had to end.

–Rick Perry for President, Republic of Texas 2012.

–They should impeach every s——– that voted to uphold this and then try them for treason and execute them along with everyone that voted for it in the first place.

–Our backs are to the wall, there is no other place to go, the fight starts here and doesn’t stop until we are free of Washington’s tyranny.

–How has it come to this? America, as we have known it, is no more.

–My American flag goes upside down today and will stay that way long into the future.

–Roberts, you are a traitor and a disgrace as a justice.

–Our fearless knee grow must have something on Roberts?

–In summary it is the end of our country as a free country. Unfortunately we have a Republican leader who is the father of government mandated insurance— he was the pioneer of socialized medicine. He has no credibility at all on the subject but by God the elites will cram him down our throats!! Except I ain’t swallowing.

–Roberts—do us a favor and resign from the bench and go to work for an ultra-leftist “public interest” foundation.

UPDATE:  HERE‘s a nifty collection of right-wing tweets, my favorite of which comes from the boorish Neal Boortz: “I would SERIOUSLY consider moving to Texas if it would secede from the Union and re-form as the Republic of Texas. It has that power.”




  1. Warren Boykin

    It’s strange that there aren’t people demonstrating in the streets if this was widely seen as unpopular.

  2. expdoc

    The demonstration is scheduled for the first Tuesday in November. Conservatives aren’t as likely to storm the gates as are the lefties when they don’t get their way.

    Please reference Wisconsin, Scott Walker and a miserable failure of a recall effort by the left this year.

  3. Scalia will now address the public from Cheney’s ranch.

  4. Luke Fredrickson

    And Thomas will address the public through his wife’s SuperPac.

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