Former GOP spokesman raises specter of armed rebellion

The most pathetic of the creatures to be found clinging to the underbelly of the American political right wing are those obsessed with fantasies of taking up arms against the liberal state.

One such specimen made himself CONSPICUOUS yesterday up in Michigan:

Given our political climate and the relentless Republican fear-mongering, it’s unsurprising the reaction to SCOTUS having upheld Obamacare is mixed. Nobody would expect a single Republican to cheer the decision. However, Atty. Matthew Davis is dancing on the knife edge of sedition with this response:

The former spokesman for the Michigan Republican Party sent out an email that questioned whether armed rebellion was justified over the Supreme Court ruling upholding Obamacare.

Matthew Davis, an attorney in Lansing, sent the email moments after the Supreme Court ruling to numerous new media outlets and limited government activists with the headline: “Is Armed Rebellion Now Justified?”

Davis added his own personal note saying, “… here’s my response. And yes, I mean it.”

“There are times government has to do things to get what it wants and holds a gun to your head,” Davis said. “I’m saying at some point, we have to ask the question when do we turn that gun around and say no and resist. […]

“You can’t have people walking with lattes and signs and think the object of your opposition is going to take you seriously,” Davis said. “Armed rebellion is the end point of that physical confrontation.”



  1. Apparently the Supreme Court put the kabosh to all the lawsuits this clown had hoped to win.

  2. expdoc

    The craziness of this FORMER spokesperson reminds me of the absolute craziness (and poor performance bordering on malpractice) of current Democratic spokesperson for the state of Wisconsin Graeme Zielinski. This is just a mild, tame excerpt of some of his antics.


  3. Annie Jo

    You cannot stop a Revolutionary War. Americans are Fed up with the rich outsourcing our jobs to cheap labor, overseas. Americans are sick and tired of Traitors, giving Special Preferred Treatment to the cheap labor they bring here, Illegal Aliens. Obama is going to have a real hard time, trying to convince Americans, he cares about us having jobs. He made it clear on June 15, 2012 he prefers lawless Illegal Aliens, over American workers. Obama gives a backdoor “AMNESTY” to Illegals, hands them Millions of work permits, while 23,000,000 Americans are underemployed or unemployed. Obama has left our American children/soldiers languishing in Afghanistan, being slaughtered and mutilated. While our American brave are there, Obama praises and uplifts Illegal Aliens here. While Obamacare demand American U.S. citizens, buy health insurance and if we do not, IRS will hunt you down to TAX you to death. But, but, if you are Obama’s people, lawless immoral ILLEGALS, he will REWARD you for your crimes, and make sure you get a job, while Americans are without jobs. Now, if all of this, doesn’t cause a major uprising, nothing will.

  4. Annie: You are one hateful person.

    And now you’re endorsing armed rebellion.

    Your opinions are NOT representative of the American people, as virtually every scientific poll — even those commissioned by Fox News — will attest.

  5. Don McLaughlin

    If the democrats or liberals ever put such a manifesto out there would be cries of treason and calls for impeachment. Why is it that conservatives believe that they can do this.

    Ohhhhh that’s right… ’cause they are patriots and those on the left are all subversives and traitors. Sorry, my bad. 🙂

  6. I’m having some fun with this over at my blog.

    The Official Beer Of The Revolution.


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