Wingnuts are fine with Romney raising money overseas, but they fault Obama for doing the same

The ignorance of the American political right is matched only by its hypocrisy.


Both parties’ presidential campaigns, in their never-ending quest for more contributions, routinely reach out to Americans living abroad. It’s legal, routine, and uncontroversial. Politico did a big item about a week ago noting President Obama’s “overseas power centers,” but Mitt Romney has done plenty of fundraising of his own in Hong Kong and Singapore.

With this in mind, there was a report last week that some Americans living in Paris will honor the 4th of July with a fundraiser for the president. A conservative site took that news and put a deceptive little twist on reality.

Some in Republican media interpreted this to mean that the president himself would leave the country this week, and head to Paris on the 4th of July.


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  1. charles

    LOL, I enjoy this parody. How dare Romney do something we’re okay with Obama doing!!! Ha ha ha.

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