Condi Rice for vice president? Fuhggedaboudit!

There’s a buzz on the Internet today to the effect that former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is at or near the top of Mitt Romney’s short list of possible running mates in the presidential election. (See HERE.)

Don’t believe it. It ain’t gonna happen.

There are all kinds of reasons why Rice would be a disastrous choice, principal among which is her pro-choice stance on abortion. That would alienate much of the Republican base.

For a sampling of right-wing reaction to this Condi trial balloon, check HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE.




  1. Neftali

    Pat is correct. I like Condi…but this whole thing started yesterday with Matt Drudge completely fabricating the whole story, and now its making headwinds. Rice has never actually campaigned and ran for elected office. And now she would be expected to tour the country and defend Mitt Romney’s policies? I just don’t see it. Plus a few short weeks ago, she flatly denied she was even interested. She wouldn’t even consider it. And Rice doesn’t strike me as someone that would go against her word a few short weeks later.

    Marco Rubio would be a far better choice for VP.


  2. Neftali

    And as of 20 minutes ago…she’s still not interested….


    The real story is if Romney will make a VP announcement at all prior to the Republican convention at the end of next month. My guess is that he’s doesn’t, and for good reason. Making a formal announcement at the convention will generate TONS of publicity and make him center stage for all the media outlets. Not that he wouldn’t have it already, but having a little bit of added drama can’t hurt, right?

  3. expdoc

    I like Condi Rice but no way she is the selection. Why would Romney want to give the Democrats and Obama another means to revive their favorite game of Bush bashing.

    I would love to see Rubio or Ryan as the actual choice.

  4. Wildbill

    Pat, can you say PANIC CITY? The dynamic duds would have to change their Depends if Condi becomes the next veep. Even Sarah Palen gives Condi her seal of approval, Miss TEA PARTY. Will nothing go right for these Bozos.

  5. dogrescuer

    If she’s pro-choice on abortion, that would make us left-wingers more favorable towards her, and might pick up a few more of the independent votes for the Republicans. Plus, more importantly, I think she’s kinda hot!

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