Poll: Most Americans want government to take steps against global warming

Well, well, well. According to THIS, the ranks of global-warming deniers seem to be shrinking a bit:

Most Americans say they believe temperatures around the world are going up and that weather patterns have become more unstable in the past few years, according to a new poll from The WashingtonPost and Stanford University.

But they also see future warming as something that can be addressed, and majorities want government action across a range of policies to curb energy consumption, with more support for tax breaks than government mandates.

The findings come as the federal government released a report Tuesday suggesting the connection between last year’s severe weather and climate change. According to the study issued by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, changes fueled by the burning of fossil fuels made the 2011 heat wave in Texas 20 times more likely to occur compared with conditions in the 1960s.



  1. Jacey Galvez

    The idea that the planet is warming is just a myth made up by liberals so they can shut down businesses and turn us into a communist nation.


  2. Are you nuts? What about the 98% of the worlds leading and most respected climate scientists who support the fact burning fossil fuels for energy is causing the planet to warn up….do they want to shut down businesses and turn us into a communist nation too?

  3. john sawruk

    BS!!! When the history is written decades from now, people will be amazed how people were mislead by the liberal media, and the waste of money (leading to economic disaster) in an attempt to correct something that wasn’t even a problem to begin with.The earth’s climate has always eveolved, and continues to do so today. How much of it is man made, is still open to serious debate (not withstanding fools like Bill & their opinion.)
    BEWARE of people getting carried away w/ “great” causes.

  4. john sawruk: The overwhelming majority of climate scientists subscribe to mainstream scientific theories regarding man-made global warming.

    Who are you to say they’re wrong? What are your scientific credentials?

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