GOP governors ask Obama for welfare changes — and right-wingers blast him when he says yes

Is THIS incredible or what?

Do White House critics even pay attention anymore to the policies they’re condemning? If Obama is giving Republican officials at the state and local level the flexibility on welfare requirements that they requested, how in the world is that “a partisan disgrace” [House Speaker John Boehner’s term for it]? For that matter, if the work requirement will remain in place, why would anyone characterize this as “gutting” [a Fox News term for it] the work requirement?



  1. That’s cuz HHS gets the “final approval” of what activities make up work. Right now the guidance is that folks can get paid to do “non-work activities” as long as they’re engaged in finding work, or helping others to find work. Again, HHS retains the final right. That’s the rub. Governors want their say to be the final say cuz it’s their state. And that’s what HHS was supposed to be helping with-states rights issues. The Washington Post has it for ya to review Pat:)

  2. OOps…the Times, not Post

  3. bill: There are several differences between the Washington Post and the Washington Times.

    The Times was established by the Moonie church and has lost billions of dollars over the year. And its circulation is only a fraction of the Post’s.

    But, hey, if you like the Moonie Times, so be it.

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