Should college football be abolished?


I don’t entirely agree with THIS COLUMN by Josh Barro, but I think it’s food for some serious thought:

Last week’s release of the Freeh Report, assigning responsibility for Penn State’s failure to act on reports that Jerry Sandusky was sexually abusing boys, has people talking about whether the NCAA should shutter Penn State’s football program. That would be setting our sights too low. For the good of both universities and athletes, we should end the NCAA cartel and get high-level football and basketball off all college campuses, not just Penn State.

What the NCAA does is fundamentally abusive: it holds the wage for minor league football and basketball players down to zero, under the pretense that its workers are students.

FOOTNOTE: THIS POST from last fall also raises troubling questions about college football.


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  1. I suppose there is a need to retain it, what about u?

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