A fair question: What’s Mitt hiding?

As a Democratic partisan, what I like best about this latest ad is that it further signals the Obama campaign’s willingness of late to go after Romney relentlessly.




  1. Harry Silvio

    Pat, for a gentleman of such advanced age, you haven’t learned very much, have you? I’m a relatively young man, and even I understand the ideological/political divide far beyond, “my side is always right, and the other side is always stupid, evil and wrong.”
    (Thomas Sowell, even though probably much younger than you, has polished and complied his own wisdom on this very topic in ‘A Confclit of Visions’ which I reccomend highly, so long as you don’t go into it with your left wing racism… I know, black conservatives are a mystery to those of you who have little understanding of race)

    A “fair question” would be, “what are the presidential candidates hiding,” assuming you are so paranoid to believe either is hiding something unethical, criminal or vile. Surely you can’t say Gov. Romney is hiding something in Bain, and in the same breath that Pres. Obama is being entirely honest and forthcoming about his past, right?

  2. Dan F.

    Pat recently posted a nonsense item about Romney giving McCain years and years of Romney’s tax returns when McCain considered Romney for VP in 2008. McCain selected Palin as a running mate, which as I mentioned in a previous comment causes many shallow thinkers to conclude that McCain rejected Romney because of something sinister in Romney’s tax records. (What pinheads.)

    I note that McCain just came out and said that Romney’s tax records contained nothing disqualifying. From the news article: “[McCain] added that he personally vouches for the fact that there was nothing in the returns that would be disqualifying — the returns were reviewed as part of the 2008 vice presidential nominee selection process.”

    Let’s do something unusual in Applesauce and use some basic logic. If Romney only releases his 2010 and 2011 returns, then clearly there is something awkward in his 2009 return. If not, he’d have released it long ago. He can’t release the last 20 years except for 2009, because that would look very suspicious. So what happened in 2009?

    The word on the street is that Romney, like many investors, suffered huge losses in 2008. The losses were carried over into 2009 and reduced his 2009 tax liability to zero. Nothing wrong or illegal about that, but can you imagine what the adolescents in the Obama campaign would do with that information? “Moneybags Romney didn’t pay a penny in taxes! You oppressed people in poverty paid more taxes that Romney did! Do you want someone in that evil 1% as President?” They’d spend $200 million on TV attack ads.

    And while we are on the subject… out here in liberal California I cannot count the people I’ve met who say they would never vote for a Romney because of his “obscene wealth.” I ask them if they voted for Kerry in 2004. Their reactions are quite amusing when they remind themselves of Kerry’s (and his wife’s) sprawling riches.

  3. Carol Foster

    Harry & Dan, I’m going to suggest you are both being played like a fiddle over tax returns. Your candidate hasn’t the smarts to get off the merry-go-round invented by some savy political folks who are leading him around by his nose and certainly aren’t on his team.

    I’m headed for “liberal California” shortly to become a resident. People love wealth there so I know hooey when I hear it buddy on that one with those folks. The only wealth they have been known to reject in the past is the kind that tries to buy office very openly and attempts to go against ballot referendums placed by sigs of the people in that State.

    Right now, the Obama campaign team is tieing a can to you candiates tale of tax returns. Showing he’s not wealthy, but can’t play hardball and it isn’t even after your convention. Now I don’t care about his wealth or taxes past the two years required, but I do care he’s weak when this nation is definately looking for strong.

    And please, would someone suggest your candidate never wear jeans again, it’s a big mistake!

  4. Since Rmoney is not going to release his taxes one can only speculate how his wealth was generated over the past decade. Most likely big checks from Bain and a very modest tax rate. Yes it’s legal but made primarily off poor saps who had their jobs shipped over yonder.

  5. Harry Silvio

    Carol, why am I not suprised at your frighteningly poor grammatical skills? I just wish I could understand what you were trying to say… surely there was a point of debate somewhere in there, but I literally understood almost none of it.

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