Have you ever wondered why Republican states are red and Democratic states blue?

It’s always surprised me that our Republican friends haven’t made more of a fuss about the now-common practice of designating states where they hold sway as red and states where Democrats prevail as blue.

After all, for ages the color red was associated with the political left while blue usually indicated conservatism as well as loyalty (as in “true blue”).

The red-state-blue-state thing came into vogue only 12 years ago, when NBC News adopted the color scheme to depict prevailing voter preferences in the various states on maps. Before long, the color scheme went beyond the on-screen maps, as commentators increasingly spoke of red or blue states.

Some media outlets apparently strove to alternate the color designations between parties every four years but eventually gave up and settled on the color scheme adopted by NBC in 2000 to avoid confusion.

Wikipedia has much more on all of this HERE.




  1. Neftali

    I always wished it was Republicans that were depicted as blue. Such is the case in NBC’s decision in the 1980 election seen here.


  2. Uncle Emanuel Watkins

    I am going to mail you two crayons with one being red and the other blue one to help you take notes in preparation for you great deep blogs. Provide me with an address please. Thank you.

  3. Uncle Emanuel Watkins

    Your reasoning is amazing. It reminds me of that primitive one based number system which counts up to two by way of one, two, . . . before surmising every number after that as one large sun called “Many.”
    You are indeed incredible! Ankle deep in an ocean of meaning!

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