Is the new Batman movie an anti-Romney conspiracy?

Radio blabber Rush Limbaugh, political guru to the booboisie, is telling his gullible listeners that the forthcoming Batman movie, “The Dark Knight Rises,” is part of a Hollywood scheme to help get Barack Obama re-elected by demonizing Mitt Romney.

Limbaugh’s evidence rests entirely on the fact that the villain in the Batman flick is a character named Bane — which, of course, is a homonym for Bain, as in Bain Capital, the investment firm Romney used to run.

The only problem with El Rushbo’s theory is that Bane has been a character in Batman comics for nearly 20 years, as we see HERE:

To believe that Bane is a Hollywood conspiracy to elect Barack Obama, you’d have to believe that Bane co-creators Chuck Dixon, Doug Moench, and Graham Nolan anticipated prior to Romney even announcing a run for public office that Romney would eventually win the GOP primary in 2012, or that Christopher Nolan, anticipating all of this, chose to pick a villain whose name sounds like the company Romney used to work for. On the other hand, if you’re the kind of Republican who believes Barack Obama’s parents placed a fraudulent birth announcement in a Hawaii newspaper in order to shore up his claim to American citizenship in the event he might someday run for president, this probably doesn’t sound like the dumbest thing ever.



  1. Holy Limpbaugh insanity!

  2. Limbaugh wants Obama to win. He will be renegotiating his contract in 2 years and Romney in office would be horrible for Limbaugh’s ratings. His ratings are always highest with a democrat as President. So at this point Limbaugh must say things to hurt his side, but not appear to be saying them to hurt his side. The Fluke incident is a great example.

  3. LD: You make a good point. Three years after Limbaugh’s show went national, Bill Clinton was elected president and served for eight years. Those eight years were pure gold for El Rushbo.

    On the other hand, there have five presidential elections since Limbaugh went national, and the Democratic candidate has carried the popular vote in four of them. That suggests that Limbaugh is not exactly in the political mainstream — but then he doesn’t want to be. His is not the voice of America. It’s the voice of the paranoid political right, and it’s made him fabulously wealthy.

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