Romney camp spends a whole day calling Obama a foreigner

I don’t think it did them much good, but HERE‘s how Mitt Romney and  his surrogates tried yesterday to divert attention from Mitt’s taxes and his tenure at Bain Capital:

Mitt Romney’s campaign is hoping to distract voters from the growing drum beat of conservatives calling on the former Bain Capital executive to release his tax returns by smearing President Obama as a foreigner, in a not-so-subtle effort to revive the right-wing conspiracy theories surrounding his birthplace.

Indeed, the Romney team, and even Romney himself, spent all of Tuesday painting the president as not a “real” American.



  1. They’re absoutely desparate trying everything to deflect Rmoney’s tax issue. BTW big mouth Sununu was born in Cuba.

  2. Steverino: Sununu also is of Arab descent, which is grounds for suspicion among certain wingnuts.

  3. Jeffrey Tate

    Honestly, if Obama was not born of this country, the Republicans would not have let him run for office nor get into office. I don’t know why they keep acting like he was born somewhere else, but they allowed him to run / win? It makes no sense, but unfortunately, the people who believe this crap are the ones who say things like “They say he was born somewhere else!” or “I heard someone say he was born in another country!” when they do not have any proof given to them.

    I might as well tell them that dogs can speak Japanese, and maybe they’ll say “They say dogs can speak Japanese!” I’m not saying Obama is the greatest, but don’t vote for him because you don’t believe in his ideas, not because someone told you a rumor. . .

  4. dogrescuer

    Don’t forget, the political party that says Obama isn’t an American consists of the same people who believe the universe was created 6,000 years ago!

  5. Luke Fredrickson

    I remember when the Republicans were seriously considering amending the Constitution to allow the Governator to run. Or Kissinger.

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