New conspiracy theory: Obama planned Colorado shootings

It says HERE that Alex Jones (above), radio guru to the wackiest of American right-wingers, is suggesting that last week’s shooting rampage in a Colorado movie theater was a plot in which President Obama and the United Nations “drugged the perp and armed him as part of Fast and Furious in order to bring arms control to America.”



  1. danimal

    Come on Pat, he is NOT a right winger as you say, be fair in your accusations. He was just as cynical of the Bush administration. He has proclaimed himself as a Libertarian.

  2. Nice try, danimal, but Alex Jones is, in fact, a right-wing nut.

    Not only is he peddling this ridiculous conspiracy theory about Obama and the Colorado shooting spree, but he also has argued that the government was involved in the Oklahoma City bombing and the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

  3. danimal

    Just because he is not in favor of this administration or accused them of doing something wrong does not automatically make him a right winger. Is Deniss Kucinich a right wing whack job for disapproving the Obama administration for their actions on Libya?

  4. danimal: Wake up! The man trafficks in nutty conspiracy theories that only right-wing wackos are going to believe.

    As the old saying goes, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

  5. No matter your feelings on people like Alex Jones. (I am not his biggest fan) I do see a need to ask certain questions. Questions I have are not beiong asked by the media. I would like to know why? Here are just a few…. Robert Holmes, the shooters father and Lead scientist for Fair Issac Corp and Former DARPA Scientist, was said to have been scheduled to testify within the next few weeks before a US Senate panel on the largest bank fraud scandal in world history that is currently unfolding known as the Libor Scandal, Why has this not been reported by any media? Why has the media failed to report that the theater goers that night stood in line for 3-4hrs to get a ticket and nobody remembers seing a 6’2 -6’3 Orange haired white male dressed in red shirt and pants-(Sheriffs office in Colorado reported under the swat and tact gear, shooter had red shirt and red pants)…? Why does a person who has been reported to be uncorperative and spitting at his jail guards and who requires a “hanibal mask” just speak up and volunteer that he wired his apartment to blow? And mind you how does he wire in such a way that the investigation technicians and bomb experts took two days to unravel what they called…” military style wiring of a high degree”…? These are just a few questions I have. I am prepared to listen and evaluate answers from investigators. I am surprised, for obvious reasons, that I am raising these questions and the media is not.

  6. Doug: Wow! You’re a major conspiratorialist, aren’t you?

  7. danimal

    Pat: So what you are saying is that Right Wingers believe that 9/11 was an inside job? There are a handfuls of Liberal truthers too. You are being selective with AJ’s theories in to attempt to scoff at the right. You have no credibility to call him a right winger as if I were to call Hitler a Liberal. You accuse FOX all the time of distortion and manipulation but you sure are trumpeting a double standard here. Do your homework.

  8. Pat to answer your question, You’re a major conspiratorialist, aren’t you? I would think not. These are questions I had from just watching the news reports has they came out in the last few days. You bill yourself as a jouranlist/blogger. Judging from your question back to me you are acting like neither. Why would you make such a comment back to me when you know so little of the facts. Do you dispute any of my premises in my questions? Again reading your reply to my post I saw no dispute. In fact Pat I challenge you to dispute the validity of my statements in regards to the Colorado shooters father, the witness statements of thoses who were actually there that dreadful night. In fact for all your judgemnt reserve it to the side and simply address the questions and not judge the person who asked the question. If you cant why do you bother to post your “unabashedly liberal perspective on national politics…” Not concealed or disguised , that which is obvious- this is the meaning of unabashedly, but yet in your reply to me you do conceal, you do disguise at least behind a keybord on a computer- your use of sarcasm was your tool to avoid the questions or at least looking into the facts behind such questions. In fact sir you failed to address my comment with any integrity. 41 years as a print and broadcast journalist and that was your response to a person who has questions. Shame on you sir!


  10. kk: We frown on shouting (all capital letters) here.

  11. David Chipps

    You conspiracy theorists are pretty much on target. Stop talking to this old man Pat Cunningham who is just there to fuel the fire. I have one thing to say to you Pat Cunningham…I might go homeless someday with the economy the way it is. But Mexicans are going to take care of you in your old persons home cause I’m sure your kids either OD’d or don’t like talking to you which is why you feel the need to stir everyone up. You know what Mexicans will do to your cantankerous butt…well they sure aren’t your family that you screwed over for a buck?

    Your left, wing nut group might be saving yourself from an education bubble popping by misusing racial politics and forgetting about nationalism. But when that bubble pops…no one is going to be there to save you. Globalism is doomed to fail…it does not take in the dimensions of humanity. It believes technology can control the masses, but eventually when unemployment reaches 50 percent the people will realize, as they did in Argentina…that technology is easily disconnected and disrupted. Besides an arsenal of bombs, most technology being implemented in America against the people requires an ongoing police state…if money gets worse the police will be on the side of the people and realize they have a choice.

  12. David Chipps

    This guy and the government in general are using the oldest trick in the book. Confuse, scare, and play good parent, bad parent on the population and create a bank funded Occupy Wall Street to hopefully ware the people out, before the big one hits. Your wasting your time, money, and energy responding to him. The government is bringing well established south american tactics of ware fare home and the shit hasn’t even hit the fan yet.

  13. David Chipps

    GLOBALISM WILL BE THE CHURCH DOME THAT is too large for construction and CAVES IN ON ITSELF. It will only last one to two decades if that and that is what Pat Cunningham is hoping. He wants to ware you out so he can enjoy his retirement and get on with life….pissing you off is his form of entertainment. You have to live through the collapse, he got to build the dome.

  14. David Chipps


  15. David Chipps

    Oh and here is my formula for THE EDUCATION BUBBLE. Most universities are watering down there education tremendously and adding as many international students at international rates to keep the campus going. WHAT HAPPENS when all these international students all decide to stay home at once and not pay back tuition? They have far less to fear then US citizens. Can we wage a war on every country that took advantage of what we had left to offer. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ARE RARELY poor and RARELY PATRIOTIC in the same way we are. The school system isn’t about globalism. The school system is a whore that eventually be giving it away for free. The sheer amount of international students I’m seeing at local schools means the schools themselves are put in a situation to fail. UNLESS GLOBALISM CAN BE ENFORCED FOREVER.

  16. David Chipps


  17. David Chipps

    Oh, and you can call me racist for saying Mexicans will be taking care of you. I have nothing against Mexicans. I know how you liberals play racial games. I just sincerely doubt that using the word racism for nationalism will last long, be profitable, be enforceable or amount to anything but misery and poor workmanship for everyone involved. In fact I think its a short lived game of poker.

  18. As crazy as Alex Jones is, he is most definitely NOT a right winger. He’d probably be on the verge of assaulting you if you slung that accusation at him, lol!

  19. David Chipps: We frown on shouting (all capital letters) here.

  20. dogrescuer

    Pat: I wouldn’t have believed there would actually be people, even right-wing nuts, who would accept this conspiracy theory and similar nonsense, but you sure managed to attract them! Very scary.

  21. Pat is just dodging all the important questions by accusing people of something else, instead of answering them like a real journalist would, don’t waste your time answering this fool, I don’t condone all these conspiracy theories but some do have credibility, can’t deny that, don’t trust anyone but yourself, fuck the government! They aren’t looking out for me or my family! Good bye and good luck to everyone!

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