Jon Stewart deftly mocks Republicans for misquoting Obama

Once again, satirist Jon Stewart has masterfully CUT TO THE CORE of a raging political controversy:

On his show Wednesday night, Jon Stewart wondered if conservatives could be any more manipulative in their misrepresentation of words spoken by President Barack Obama.

“Mr. Romney, hanging your attack on a person’s slight grammatical misstep is what people do in an argument when they’re completely f—-ed and they know they have no argument,” he said.

During a recent speech, the President said: “Let me tell you something: If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

Romney and other conservatives have asserted that Obama was referring to businesses when he said “you didn’t build that.” However, the President’s full speech makes it clear that he was referring to American infrastructure — roads and bridges. Obama continued, saying “the point is that when we succeed, we succeed because of our individual initiative, but also because we do things together.”

Moreover, Romney himself has said much the same thing Obama said, as we see HERE and HERE.




  1. Harry Silvio

    Why are you all having such a hard time accepting that he told us exactly how he feels. It isn’t that ridiculous to come to that conclusion, Elizabeth Warren has made speeches on this exact topic… they (and probably you as well) have a dangerous view of the “public-private relationship,” whereas all that you have that is good and successful is a result of government’s benevolence and the gifts they bestow upon us… sounds like North Korea to me…

  2. Harry Silvio: Why are you having such a hard time accepting the fact that Romney said pretty much the same thing Obama said (as noted in the post above)?

  3. shawnnews

    And how man one-man businesses are there that someone built all by themselves with no help from labor or a customer base? The dangerous view comes from people who the world is entirely about their contributions and that everyone else is riding on their coattails.

  4. I don’t know any business that was built by one man? anyone?

  5. Harry Silvio

    Pat, fallacy much?

    I am not a Romney supporter, and I never claimed Romney said or didn’t say anything. You know better… right?

    My point is that you want to claim that President Obama’s words were twisted or taken out of context. They weren’t. The extension of the comments clearly explain that he does not believe that hard work and intellectuality/creativity are the cornerstones of success. That’s a very demotivational theory. Is it luck? Is it that we are all perfectly equal, and the government should pick the winners and losers? The debate is about equality of opportunity vs the equality of outcome. Again, find the speech that Warren gave in a private residence a year or so ago.

    The line of logic follows as such: you didn’t earn what you have; it was because of the role of government that you have what you have, and in return, the state has moral grounds to demand a cut of the profits. The mafia used to do that. It’s called extorsion. To be very clear: This is a pretext to the confiscation of higher incomes for the purpose of “fairness.”

    The argument (let be honest, excuse), RE: Infrastructer, is asinine. The roads, sewers, teachers, law enforcement… NOT from the federal government, rather paid for locally with user fees (i.e. poperty taxes). So, yes, you DID “build that,” as much as you built the new house you paid for, or the new deck you paid for. Of course there are government grants that pay for portions of some of these things, but they all have strings attached to them that increase the reach of the federal government in local communities. It is not about benevolence, rather power.

    To be clear, I am a libertarian. Any assertion of the state over the individual will draw my negative attention. I’m still unsure why a man of your age is still so bitter about politics. It’s an illusion, its a trap, and you’ve been dwelling in it comfortably and apparently blindly. The discussion should be one of moral philosophy and human nature, not petty politics. You’re response of, “yeah, but what about the other guy” is so juvenile and immature that I question your basic grasp of the ideological devide.

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