Have Republicans ever hated a president more than Obama?

Paul Waldman ARGUES that Republican disdain for Bill Clinton and Franklin Roosevelt during their respective presidencies was nothing compared to the GOP’s loathing of Barack Obama:

I really think we’ve reached a new height. What makes this different isn’t just the kind of venom you see among the party’s true-believing supporters but that the hate goes so far up, all the way to the top. The party’s candidate for president literally claims that Obama hates capitalism and is not really American (Mitt Romney recently said, and not for the first time, that Obama has a “very strange, and in some respects foreign to the American experience type of philosophy”). Liberals look at conservatives claiming that Obama is a socialist or that he doesn’t really love America and think, “Those people are nuts.” But there is practically consensusin the GOP that these things are true. If a Republican candidate came out today and said, “Barack Obama is a good person who loves his country, but I just think he’s wrong about policy,” that candidate would probably get kicked out of the party.

This antipathy has multiple sources interacting together, so it’s overly simplistic to say that it’s just because of Obama’s race, or it’s just because of heightened partisanship. But it’s getting harder and harder to claim that there’s ever been a Democrat Republicans hated more.



  1. shawnnews

    I think they hated Clinton worse. Obama doesn’t have the innuendoes floating around that he somehow killed his co-workers or sexually assaulted them. Since Obama is a straight arrow, they have to attack his supposed unAnerican ideology.
    The Republican strategy of disagreeing with everything the president does works well for them since he is conciliatory.

  2. Fognog2

    Liberals have become the exact opposite of America’s founding principles. They hate the free market. They hate freedom period. We are sick of liberals ruining this country with government intervention. We will kick Obama out in November!

  3. Dan F.

    I can sum this up in a few words. Republicans don’t hate Obama. They hate his acts and his ideas. Many liberals, being fundamentally religious about political ideas, cannot understand how a rational being can oppose liberal thought, so they blame it on racism and confuse opposition with hatred.

    If you want to see hatred of presidents, go back a few years and look at Democratic hatred of Bush. This was not rational opposition. It was cold, blind hatred. I remember a novel that one liberal wrote about the assassination of Bush. Yes, here it is on Amazon: “The Assassination of George W. Bush: A Love Story” by Krandall Kraus. As I recall, there was a whole “Kill Bush” literature, including a British mockumentary on the killing of Bush.

    I wonder what the reaction from the left would be if the GOP did this against our current president.

  4. dogrescuer

    As Bill Maher said, right-wingers would love to still be able to publicly call Obama a name starting with “N” and ending with “R”, and it ain’t “Nation Builder”!

  5. Gweneth Johnson

    President Obama has done everything that he can to protect the working class, middle class and the poor and disenfranchised. He actually has done an outstanding job considering the hand he was dealt. And I think this is why they hate him. They wanted him to fail miserably and he just hasn’t accommodated them!

  6. Jim Y.

    Republicans don’t hate Obama. They hate the straw man of Obama that they have created and repeated ad nauseum.

  7. The GOP did absolutely nothing about health carer in their seven years, and now they want to appeal Obama Care and start all over. Give me a break! They will spend the next 8 years trying to appeal Obama care and accomplish zero; what a waste of taxpayers’ money. They are the party of “NO” and the party of “Waste”.

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