Mitt Romney’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day in London was entirely avoidable

It would seem, in retrospect, that Mitt Romney’s campaign staff failed to fully prep him prior to his politically disastrous visit to London. His aides should have warned him to avoid providing fodder for the notoriously snarky British press.

Ironically, it was Romney’s ill-considered response to an innocuous question from an American journalist,  Brian Williams of NBC, that touched off a firestorm of criticism from British tabloids and politicians alike.

From there, it was all downhill (and not in the no-problem sense of that word).

For recaps of Mitt’s bad day, check out THIS STUFF from the Wall Street Journal and THIS OTHER PERSPECTIVE from the Daily Mail, a British paper. 

 UPDATE: Here’s a video wrapup of the debacle:


UPDATE II: Here’s another:






  1. Maybe McCain was right to pick Sarah Palin over Romney.

  2. Milton Waddams

    I love that the hashtag for his misadventures in England is #RomneyShambles.

  3. That silver tongued Willard is just bursting with diplomacy.

  4. Milton Waddams

    Too bad none of the spoon rubbed off on his tongue.

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