Cover story in Newsweek magazine rather unconvincingly suggests that Romney is a wimp

Twenty-five years ago, a cover story in Newsweek magazine (HERE) reported on efforts by then-Vice President George H. W. Bush to deal with the perception that he was “a wimp.”

Bush was later said to be offended by the label, but it didn’t prevent him from winning the presidency 13 months later.

Now Newsweek is out with a SIMILAR COVER STORY, this one labeling presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney a wimp.

Writer Michael Tomasky begins the piece with this question: “Dodging reporters, fearing his base, hiding his taxes—is Mitt Romney just too insecure to be president?”

Those are legitimate concerns, but I don’t think they make Romney any more of a wimp than most presidential candidates. Running for the highest office in the land is a politically tricky business. Winning your party’s nomination usually is no piece of cake, and the rigors of a general-election campaign can be downright brutal.

Even Tomasky somehow seems less than convinced of his own premise about Romney’s wimpishness. He writes:

Romney is the genuine article: a true wimp. Oh, there are some ways in which he’s not—a wimp lets himself get kicked around, and Romney doesn’t exactly do that. He sure didn’t during the primaries, when he strafed Rick Perry and carpet-bombed Rick Santorum…

Steve M. over at No More Mister Nice Blog, a passionate liberal who considers Romney “dangerous,” “spineless,” “awkward” and “egocentric,” nonetheless raises SEVERAL QUESTIONS about the Newsweek piece that merit your attention.

As for me, I’m not exactly offended by the magazine’s cover or story. I just think the argument is somewhat superficial and flimsy.