Gallup: Two-thirds of Americans — including 44 percent of Republicans — view Bill Clinton favorably

For a pot-smoking, womanizing draft-dodger who was impeached when he served as president, Bill Clinton is AMAZINGLY POPULAR among his fellow Americans:

Along with his record-high favorable rating, Clinton now has a near-record-low 28% unfavorable rating, according to the July 9-12 Gallup poll. The only times since 1993 that his unfavorable rating has been lower — 26% and 27% — were in January of his inaugural year.

Clinton is viewed favorably today by most men, women, whites, and nonwhites, and across all major age groups. He also enjoys broad favorability among independents as well as Democrats. And while more Republicans view him unfavorably than favorably, it is by a relatively narrow 50% vs. 44% margin.