Has the Republican establishment given up the fight on the issue of gay marriage?

There are still more than a few right-wing Republicans out there who remain avowedly opposed to same-sex marriages, but party leaders seem to have decided that there’s no future in such a battle.

Witness, for example, the silence with which the GOP establishment has reacted to news that the Democratic Party platform this year will include an endorsement of marriage equality.

Steve Benen sees it THIS WAY:

There was no press release from the Republican National Committee; no statement from the Romney campaign; no screaming headlines about an “attack on traditional values” aired on Fox News. Democrats will become the first major American political party to change its platform to endorse legal protections for same-sex couples who wish to marry, and in a development that was hard to even imagine in the not-too-distant past, no one is blinking an eye.

If the right saw an electoral opportunity by going on the offensive on this, Republicans would take it. And therein lies the point — the political winds have shifted quickly and anti-gay bigotry no longer translates into votes. The GOP didn’t attack President Obama when he endorsed marriage equality in May, and the party didn’t attack Democrats yesterday, not just because Dems are on the right side of history, but because Republicans no longer want to advertise about being on the wrong side of public opinion.

Between this and the Obama campaign’s ads on reproductive rights, the culture war appears to have entered a very different phase.

FOOTNOTE: Perhaps the GOP has decided to heed THIS WARNING from one its own pollsters that homophobia is a political loser.


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  1. Eduard

    They are just playing possum for now !

    Evil minded people never give up on their goals, because destroying someone short of killing them, brings joy to their empty heart.

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