Why do GOP lawmakers have to ask lobbyists what they should think and do?

Steve Benen NAILS IT:

One of the consistent elements of the last few years is the consistency and frequency with which Republican policymakers turn to lobbyists — for everything.

When Congress worked on a jobs bill in 2010, John Boehner and his team huddled with corporate lobbyists. When work on Wall Street reform got underway, Boehner and the GOP huddled with industry lobbyists. When Congress worked on health care reform, Boehner and the GOP huddled with insurance lobbyists. When an energy/climate bill started advancing, the GOP huddled with energy lobbyists.  In February, when the STOCK Act was being considered, the GOP huddled with financial industry lobbyists.

This summer, Republican officials are working on their party platform to be unveiled at their national convention. Care to guess who has their ear?


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  1. Come on Pat, are you saying the Democrats don’t consult their “lobbyists” and supporters too?
    What do you think all those blue ribbon panels are all about anyway? I distinctly remember business leaders consulting with Obama no the economy (including the multi billionaire Warren Buffett) and physician groups, nurses groups and insurance leaders consulting on health care?

    And to think, you have accused me repeatedly of being politically naive!

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