Defying conservative orthodoxy, Rand Paul says there’s a constitutional right to privacy — and thus to contraception

Uh-oh! I hate it when I have to agree with the likes of Sen. Rand Paul, the Kentucky Republican. But I have no other choice in THIS MATTER, at least as it pertains to the Constitution:

Although GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney has dodged questions about whether he believes the Constitution protects a woman’s right to use birth control, one of Romney’s top legal advisers is a leading opponent of the right to contraception. Robert Bork, the former federal judge who serves as co-chair of Romney’s Justice Advisory Committee, described the first Supreme Court case to protect access to contraception as “utterly specious” and a “time bomb.”

In a surprising departure from conservative orthodoxy, Tea Party Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) broke with Romney’s legal adviser yesterday, stating that the Constitution does indeed protect a right to birth control.



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