Did Sikh temple shooter in Wisconsin mistakenly think he was attacking Muslims?

Your typical bigot, by definition, is stupid.

Which is why, for example, that some bigoted dimwits foolishly think of Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs as pretty much the same.

And now there’s SPECULATION that Wade Michael Page, the man who went on a shooting spree yesterday at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, might have thought of his targets as Muslims:

Should law enforcement confirm Page’s ties to white supremacy, and if that proves to be the motive of the attack, it will fit with a growing trend in this country. Hate groups — groups that expressly advocate against a religion, race, or sexual orientation — have been on the rise in the United States, rising steadily since 2000.

And the targeting of Sikhs is not new either. Often, the hate crimes against Sikhs originate out of misdirected Islamophobia: Sikh men can most easily be identified by their long beards and turbans, which they wear according to religious doctrine. Assailants will mistake these men for Muslims. According to a report by Reuters, Sikh groups have seen huge spikes in hate crimes since September 11th, 2001, right at the same time when anti-Muslim sentiment in the country began to grow rapidly.





  1. The answer to your question appears to be yes.

    I’d be careful about trying to associate confusion about various religions and what they are all about with foolish right wing bigots. There were many leftie reporters last night who admitted they had no understanding of the Sikh religion.

  2. kams912

    It’s sad either way. Mostly all Sikh’s are very peaceful people from Punjab (India) and have been getting beat up on for many centuries, Mostly from Muslims. As a matter of fact if you really want to piss off a Muslim just call him a Punjab.

  3. expdoc: But you have to admit that it’s far more preferable to admit one’s ignorance than to simply make assumptions without acknowledging one’s own ignorance. If some “leftie reporters” (I don’t really know what that means) publicly admitted that they didn’t know a lot about the Sikh religion, then I say good on ’em. It’s better than making a bunch of statements that begin with “Some people say…” to try and cover up their lack of understanding.

  4. Citizen Kane

    Also trying to tie him to extremists….wrong…..the Muslim Major who shot over 50 soldiers at Fort Hood was aq midest type killing us citizens……..how come he was not called a terrorist? to close to the WH I think in words and deeds..come November we will have a new President and the old will take the campaign funds collected and head back to criminal politicians in Chicago

  5. Please don’t call the guy ‘stupid’ for confusing SIkhs with Muslims. Sikhs have commited genocide and massive terror attacks against India and Hindus in the 80s and 90s. In CANADA, suspected Sikh Khalistan terrorists killed 330 people on an Air India jet.

    People cannot be blamed THAT MUCH for confusing Sikhs and Muslims, While most Sikhs are good people, they have MORE THAN THEIR SHARE of vicious genocidal terrorists.

    ONLY difference is, their terrorists dont kill white folks.. only Hindus.

  6. Jasbeer Singh

    It is hard to imagine anyone as bigoted a hate monger as Ron Banerjee seems to be. There is no evidence of any Sikhs killing any Hindus in India or elsewhere. In fact there is overwhelming, incontrovertible evidence suggesting that the government of India’s intelligence agencies plotted, planned and carried out the AI-182 crash in June 1985. Mr. M.K. Dhar writes in his book ‘Open Secrets’ that he informed the government of India and Canada that such tragedy was imminent. Obviously he knew more than anybody else. How? And why did he not take any steps to prevent this from happening by reining-in his intelligence people he publicly claims to have planted among the Indo-Canadian community in Canada? Why was the Justice Major Commission of inquiry not allowed to investigate the government of India’s role in this tragedy? Why was the plane (AI-182) ordered by AI staff to take off from Montreal before the RCMP dog handlers could reach the plane on the tarmac? Was the explanation as simple as the Air India Staff saying that the plane on the ground was costing more than it did in the air? How much money did the government of India save, as it sacrificed 330 innocent people? Does it not make sense that he and his colleagues were on a mission to malign and slander Canadian Sikhs? Even Canada’s Foreign minister at the time, Mr. Joe Clarke has gone on record that each time we open any conversation with the government of India, the first question is, what are you doing to silence the Canadian Sikh community.
    Motives of Mr. Page in Wisconsin may be a matter of speculation but there is no doubt that people like Ron Banerjee will not spare any efforts to keep creating, arming, directing and unleashing monsters like Mr. Page to go and kill innocent people like Sikhs, Muslims and Christians – as long as Hindus like Mr. Banerjee are allowed to keep spreading, hate, animosity, ill will and fear in our society.
    Keep it up Mr. Banerjee! You are earning tremendous goodwill for the Hindu community of Canada and India.

  7. See what I mean ?? Do you see how crazy Sikhs can be?? JUST like many Muslims believe 9/11 was committed by Jews and Israeli Secret Service with CIA assistance, this nutcase thinks Air India bombing was done by Indian govt.

    Jasbir has successfully made my point for me, demonstrating clearly the craziness and fanaticism of people whose turbans are clearly wrapped too tightly around their heads.. loosen it, Jasbir, you need the blood flow up there!

    Google search ‘sikhs burning US flags’ and you will see hateful Khalistani fundamentalist Sikhs right now plotting against America with their Muslim allies.

  8. A prominent analyst has written that Khalisan SIkh terrorists are clearly plotting jihad in collaboration with Muslim fudnamentalists against America

    Cdn analyst: Khalistan Sikhs w/ Islamic terrorists launch jihad vs USA/Canada http://tinyurl.com/8b6ox3l

  9. Goonj Singh

    Ron why don’t you answer the questions raised by Jasbeer Singh? Read some books before you start spouting venom against the Canadian Sikhs. (Nest of Spies) Canadian People are lot smarter than you are and they will be able to find your true colors. Hindus should feel ashamed that a person like you is representing them.

  10. That analyst link I provided has shown evidence from Canada’s national broadcaster CBC as well as investuigative reports done by Canada’s largest newspapers, like National Post and Vancouver Sun, incl prominent journos like Jonathon Kay and Kim Bolan.

    Ha! For every Jasbeer ‘I wear my turban too tight’ Singh or Nest of Spies you throw at me, I raise you a CBC, A Terry Milewski, a National Post/Jonathon Kay, or a Vancouver Sun/Kim Bolan.

    If it’s a war of prominent people and journalists and expert opinion you want, I will win such a war every time.

  11. Goonj Singh

    Ron answer the questions raised by Jasbeer, don’t try to hide behind Terry or Kim, Just plain answer the question.

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