Dems would love to see Romney pick Ryan for veep slot, which is why it’s not going to happen

As Mitt Romney’s decision on a running mate draws near, there’s still considerable SPECULATION that the nod will go to Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin:

Bill Kristol and Stephen Hayes caused a stir this week when they encouraged Mitt Romney to pick Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) or Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) as his running mate.

The conservative Weekly Standard authors based their argument for Ryan on the premise that Romney, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, has endorsed the House Budget Committee chairman’s budget anyway, and is going to be attacked for it by President Barack Obama’s campaign no matter to explain and defend it than Paul Ryan?” Kristol and Hayes wrote.

I think such analysis is foolish. Why would Romney want to choose a running-mate who’s already in the enemy’s cross-hairs? The Ryan budget plan is potential political poison for Romney. He’s going have a hard enough time finessing his support for the plan even without Ryan himself on the ticket.

If you can find anyone willing to bet that Romney picks Ryan, take the wager. Bet the farm. It ain’t gonna happen. Romney’s not going to want a running mate whose rigid ideology overshadows his own penchant for using the political Etch-A-Sketch.



  1. Luke Fredrickson

    I predict Huckabee will get the VP slot.

  2. Neftali

    Agreed about Ryan. He really brings nothing to the table to help win electoral votes. But Rubio still has to be considered within the possible top 3.

    The netroots are going going more bonkers by the day in trying to guess the candidate.

    In that same editorial The Weekly Standard Speculated Chris Christie is now “in serious consideration.” I find that hard to believe. No way an Alpha person like Christie goes for the #2 slot. He’d overpower the ticket. If Romney loses, he’ll run in 2016.

    Today Drudge has an “exclusive” article claiming that Obama thinks that Romney wants CIA Director David Petraeus on the campaign trail. This also appears far-fetched to me. It sounds more like Drudge just made the thing up to gather more web traffic.

    Its really down to these 3. They’re the only ones that even make sense at this point.

    Rubio – Intelligent, Roman Catholic, young, Florida, Hispanic, solid Conservative credentials to shore up the base.

    Pawlenty – Baptist / Evangelical. Down to earth charm offsets Romney’s aloof personality, and he’s charismatic enough to sway undecided voters. He doesn’t override Romney and has already been campaigning for him for months now.

    Portman – Extensive Washington experience. Can easily step in as President in the event of a tragedy. From the critical swing state of Ohio. Problem is no one has heard of him who doesn’t follow politics. He’s also a Methodist, which may not be “devout” enough for some on the right. The Obama campaign would also try to crucify him for his direct ties to the Bush administration.

  3. Neftali

    Luke Fredrickson- Absolutely Zero chance on Huckabee. He’s fairly busy with his Fox and radio gigs. He’s noticeably put on weight again and really doesn’t appear to up for it. About a month ago he even said there is a “greater likelihood I’ll be Asked by Madonna to Go on Tour.”

  4. Good analysis from Neftali on the big three and a good point from Pat about Ryan. I wonder, though, is there a lighter, dark horse out there that we’re not considering? Meaning, I don’t know that Joe Biden was totally in the mix when Obama chose him (just can’t remember that far). He was not a total surprise but I don’t think he was among top two or three.

    So, I”m wondering if Romney stays within the group of 6-10 but picks someone who’s not one of the odds-on favorites. Maybe a Jindal or a McDonnell.

  5. Neftali

    Speaking of Romney’s aloof personality, I see his staff has released a photo of Romney trying to be all folksy by buying groceries.


    Problem here is, no one in the country believes the charade. At this point 90% of the country knows he’s filthy rich. The Romney campaign would be better off doing the complete opposite.

    Just say “Aww, F___ it.” Create a commercial with Romney cruising around in a stretch limo with Trump and Don King and say something like “Yeah, I’m rich. If you want to be rich like me and my two pals named Don, vote for me.” I think that would work better.

  6. Willard has already picked his veep, he’s just waiting for his crisis team to clear out the skeletons in the closet.

  7. Neftali

    monkey – Biden was very much in the mix at this time in 2008.

    Here’s an article from Aug 22nd 2008 that pretty much eliminated everyone but Biden. Obama just called Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine and told him “no.” Sen. Evan Bayh from Indiana (who I always liked…shame he quit) was also out. Of course, there was a huge demand for Hillary, but Obama was wise not to select her. It would be like Romney picking Christie today.


    Bayh would have made a great VP, but Biden was a logical choice. Biden had the foreign intelligence experience that Obama lacked, and is a solid campaigner. Plus he has a great smile, which always helps.

  8. mark kinsman


  9. Neftali

    Good thing I didn’t take Pat’s advice and “bet the farm” that Romney would not pick Ryan.


    I like Ryan, but I do think this is a poor choice.

  10. Neftali,

    In regards to a comment you made on a different post, Ryan was actually a speech writer for Kemp in his VP campaign.

    I disagree with you though. I think if you believe the fiscal future of our country depends on reforming the way we run federal government and particularly reforming entitlement programs so that they can be viable and meaningful without sucking the life out of our economy, then this is a great pick.

    Even of Romney loses, this is thte campaign we must have.

    The Democrats are going to throw an unprecedented amount of mud at Ryan but he is a pretty likeable guy and he will not back down from the intellectual debate.

  11. Neftali

    Expdoc – You are correct. I was a bit hasty with my earlier comments. Your point is spot on that “This is the campaign we must have. ”

    Only Ryan has been able to beautifully articulate why ObamaCare is a disaster. Every undecided voter in America should watch (if not re-watch) Ryan’s classic takedown during the made for tv health care debate: http://youtu.be/zPxMZ1WdINs

    Aside from the Simpson-Bowles plan, Ryan’s Roadmap is the only plan out there that puts us on a path to fiscal stability. (But Ryan’s plan does have its problems…like incurring too much debt up front, and requiring adherence to the plan for a couple of decades, which is unrealistic)

    But now the debates move away from petty stuff like Romney’s taxes to the real issues.

    With any luck, a Romney win + Ryan as VP finally pushing fiscal sanity + a slim GOP controlled Senate + a still energized Tea Party influenced House = a grand reversal of liberal mistakes like LBJ’s “Great Society.”

    I also didn’t know that about Ryan being a speech writer for Kemp. That’s pretty cool.

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